Watch Out For Crypto Scammers! Spot The Signs!

beware crypto scammers

Have you been approached by one of these people?  Watch Out For Crypto Scammers!  OK so I was on Friday (I think).  In one of my recent Facebook statuses, I wrote some mundane stuff about having a wasp in my house.  The thing is I just kind of wanted to have a bit of a laugh […]

Safeguard Crypto Investments In The Event of Astronomical Gains

how to safeguard your cryptocurrency investments

Hypothetical question:  You invest in that one Crypto, 6 months later it goes up in value by 5000%,  What do you do?  How do you safeguard your Crypto Investments in the Event of Astronomical Gains? Seriously, if your $10 investment turned into $50K what would you do?  You would probably want to find a way […]

How To Get Rich With Crypto – This May Actually Work

how to get rich with crypto

Hi Everyone,  How To Get Rich With Crypto.  Isn’t this the thing that every single person who has ever shown an interest in this new digital currency would like to know?  I would myself as well to be fair – as much as I do know about certain things I am not rich yet (unfortunately).  Will […]

How To Avoid Taxes with Crypto – Read This Before It’s Too Late!

avoiding taxes with cryptocurrency

How to avoid taxes with Crypto.  For today’s post, we will be looking at different ways that we can get around paying extortionate taxes on Cryptocurrencies.  As wrong as this might sound the sad truth is – that it is us, the poor and middle class that suffers.  It seems any kind of Entrepreneurship for […]