how to get rich with crypto

How To Get Rich With Crypto – This May Actually Work

Hi Everyone,  How To Get Rich With Crypto.  Isn’t this the thing that every single person who has ever shown an interest in this new digital currency would like to know?  I would myself as well to be fair – as much as I do know about certain things I am not rich yet (unfortunately).  Will I be?  I hope so but till then let’s just call this speculation.

It is an idea actually that I got from watching this video from a Youtuber called JESUSisLORD.  This guy claims that in his dreams he can see the future of CryptoCurrency.  He talks a lot about Jesus as well but he does make me think he is on to something.  Mostly, that Electroneum (ETN) will go up to $0.30.

Watch the Video Below;

Now, ETN is currently available at around $0.005 and you can buy 1000 ETN for around $5.00 USD.   What Christoper (JESUSisLORD) says is if you buy 15600 ETN you will make $4680 back from basically $80-$100.

Not only this but he continues to say that in his dreams he cashed in at $0.30 and after that ETN crashed back down to $0.05, and after that, he used the $4680 to buy ETN once again with his profits only for it to go back up once again.

Crazy but if this actually happened you cashed in at $0.30 again would make $28080!

From an initial investment of less than $100.

Probably something that might never happen but this is exactly how you could make a lot of money.

How To Get Rich With Crypto

This May Actually Work

How to get rich with crypto

So, I absolutely love this idea.

  • Buy a Cryptocurrency that you believe is going to go up in value.
  • Set a target price like the example above (ETN @ $0.30)
  • Wait till this happens and cash in (maybe use USDT or USDC)
  • Keep hold of the money you make and wait for your currency to go back down
  • Reinvest everything you made so you end up with a lot more of this same Crypto
  • Then wait for it to go up in value to your new target.

It’s kind of wishful thinking but let’s take a look at Bitcoin just this year (2021).  It reached its highest ever peak @ $66K.  It stayed here for maybe a few weeks and it crashed down to around $22K.  It is now back up to $40K and it’s 100% a possibility that it will again reach $66K.  It may even go even higher than this.  Many speculate that it will go up to $100K.

Wishful thinking?  Yes, I guess it is but does anyone see the missed opportunity here?

Say if you sold at 66K and bought again at $22K with your $66K – that is 3x times the BTC you would now have.  $198K lol

That is How To Get Rich With Crypto

Buy + Sell.  Wait for drop then Buy More + Sell for More Money.  I hate to say it but I think Jesus is right.  This is a fantastic idea.  Of course, there are 2 things to consider here.

Choosing the Right Target

and Knowing When To Cash Out

Choosing the right cryptocurrency to target

This is the hard bit.  You can speculate on certain factors I think.  Like, for one – what is the highest value of all time of your Crypto.  With Bitcoin, it’s 65 or 66K USD.  Piratechain previously went up to $15-16 USD and Monero I think was $400.

Every one of these you can buy right now @ a lower price than their original all-time high.  You can hold on until they go up again to that former all-time high, and if all goes to plan you can make a nice little bit of profit.  You can even try your luck and hold on for longer to see if the price goes up even more.

I would expect this to happen given time (with the Crypto mentioned above) but my point is if you can cash out once you reach your target is it likely this kind of opportunity can present itself.  Where the price will drop and go back up again after.

After all, they do say what goes up must come down.  You can bet that each of these Cryptos I mentioned will have its ups and downs.  Goal setting is important here.  So you could cash out BTC for instance at $60K then set a target of say $35K to reinvest.  Then set a new goal of $75K ~ you will definitely make money.

Although Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and some others have been about for a while.  They might not be the best ones to invest your money into.  So in this respect, newer coins might be better for these kinds of opportunities.


Other Factors To Consider

As I said above this is the difficult part knowing when to get in and when to get out, and of course, knowing when (or if) to get back in again.  You can go for established Cryptos or you can go for lesser-known Cryptos.  The key I would say is to go through the Cryptos on your exchange.  Find one that you like the look of and google it.

Ask questions like;

  • What Is the Market Cap (Sometimes a good indicator of how much the price can rise)
  • What Is the Crypto for (Each Crypto mostly has its own unique qualities)
  • Does your Crypto Pick have a future?
  • What is the highest and lowest this Crypto has been?
  • Has this Crypto recently been in the news?
  • What is the current price of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin?  (This is also known to affect the prices)

So, doing your research is a good idea 100%.  The points above I think are worth taking your time to go through, but just elaborate a little bit more.

What Is The Market Cap

Understanding the Market Cap is very important I would say.  If there is say a very large market cap this will probably mean that prices going up depends on how many people start buying the currency.   It is only when the currency has been fully allocated that the price can start going up.  This is basically due to demand.

Then if the market cap is quite low this might mean that the price goes up faster but the trouble is with this is these Cryptos can become overpriced.  Thus causing people to lose interest and the price to crash to increase demand.  Either can be good or bad and it’s not the simplest thing to learn but still very important.  As is…

What Does This Crypto Do?

What Does This Crypto do?

So Bitcoin is a Cryptocurrency that uses blockchain technology.  Ethereum uses Ethereum Blockchain technology.  Monero is a Blockchain technology that has default privacy settings.  Dogecoin is a meme coin that was made basically to poke fun at the cryptomarkets.  Electroneum allows buyers to earn it through and spend it on things like phone credit and holidays.  Even Binance has its own Crypto specifically for the Binance platform.

Before buying do your research and ask if this is really worth investing in.

Ask yourself if you think your coin has a future? and…

Check How Well Your Coin Has Performed in the Past

It could be that your coin has already done very well considering the circumstances.  You might think you are getting in cheap but you may have got this very wrong.  It could in fact be the other way round – you may end up paying over the odds so firstly make sure how the price is now compared to before.  It is not always the most helpful data but it can be.

Also, Check the News

cryptocurrency news - hot to get rich with crypto

Go to Google or Bing search your coin and select news from the settings.  Also, adjust the setting so it only shows the past 2 weeks.  See if anything has happened that has recently affected the price of your coin.  This may also be a good indication of where your coin is headed moving forwards.

Elon Musk for example has manipulated the Crypto market many times just by simply talking about Cryptocurrencies.  Some people were actually able to predict that DOGECOIN was about to crash just before his SNL performance because of one of his tweets.  If you are smart the news can present many good opportunities.

But, Also Look at the Prices for the Likes of Bitcoin

I don’t really understand this fully but it seems that in recent times this has been important.  That when Bitcoin has crashed it has brought other Cryptos down with it.  Kind of like a house of cards effect and as it has regained its value so have other coins.  Potentially I think these crashes seem to be a great time to buy but it is when and if this actually does happen.

In Conclusion – How To Get Rich With Crypto

So, 0.30 cents on Elecroneum at some point in the future – I sincerely hope that our friend Jesus was right.

Has Jesus predicted the future of How To Get Rich With Crypto

I wanted to buy some more Electroneum anyway so yes hopefully JESUSisLORD on Youtube will be right.  I think he will – given time but I guess all we can do is buy more ETN and pray.  I hope this isn’t taking the lords name in vain but seriously shout out to Christopher for his video and for me I will be planning ahead with what to do with my coins such as Piratechain (ARRR), PRCY, Grin, DERO, Wownero, Conceal, Litecash and of course Electroneum (ETN).

Any questions or feedback please leave them in the comments section below.

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