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Watch Out For Crypto Scammers! Spot The Signs!

Have you been approached by one of these people?  Watch Out For Crypto Scammers!  OK so I was on Friday (I think).

 In one of my recent Facebook statuses, I wrote some mundane stuff about having a wasp in my house.  The thing is I just kind of wanted to have a bit of a laugh with people but one of the first people to comment was someone I didn’t know.  Not even a Facebook friend and it said something like “check your private messages“.

To be honest I am not surprised because I left a comment on one of these posts.

“Do You want to make $5000 an hour WORTH of Bitcoin?”. 

I am laughing whilst I’m writing this because it is BS (and I know it) but I did answer this question because I wanted to know what sort of yarn this person was trying to spin for people.

I kind of knew already before he even typed back.  He was on about Crypto Cloud Mining.

I mean I am going to talk about this today.  My friend down the pub actually pulled me to one side about this Facebook message.  This is kind of my inspiration for writing this post.  He said to me last night something like “I think this guy is trying to scam you – don’t let him” lol.  

Honestly, I don’t think he knows that I have 2 Facebook accounts and I have people approaching me about these kinds of investment opportunities (possible scams) on a frequent basis.  So I want to shed some light on these so-called Crypto Scammers and let people know what is going on with these situations.

Watch Out For Crypto Scammers!

So I am going to share with you a couple of screenshots.

how to avoid crypto scammers

My friend see this comment on my post and thought it looked very suspect.  What do you think?
wasp post facebook potential crypto scammer

I think I know what this guy who messaged me was trying to do.  He was likely just trying to earn a referral commission from a cloud mining company. But maybe not – probably was a Crypto Scammer!

For example, if you use my link to join Nicehash or Majestyhash to set up an account to do a cloud mining account I will earn a % of your mined Crypto.  It’s affiliate marketing simple but hang on let’s analyse this a bit further.

You still need to have a bit (I mean a lot) of common sense here.  If someone approaches you and says give me $500 of BTC and I will turn it into $50K don’t give them it.  I don’t want to upset my readers here but this is dumber than a bag of hammers.  Anyone who gives their money to these people deserves to lose it.

End of.

However, let’s address…  

The Elephant In The Room Here

elephant in the room cryptocurrency

This guy who contacted me says you can earn 0.06 BTC every hour.  As of right now whilst I am writing this is the equivalent of $2,694.08 USD.  I don’t know about you lot but this does sound a bit too good to be true.

Every hour SERIOUSLY.  Let’s say you made that every hour for one day that is over $64 thousand.

I said in my last post about this.  If something seems too good to be true then it usually is. 

To be fair I kind of want to trust this guy.  If I had the money to lose I would probably give it to him but I don’t and I don’t my friend would not be very happy about it at all.  I could prove him wrong sure but THIS IS THE THING.

This guy might be legit but the next guy might not be.  Definitely, you should be on your guard.

Red Flags To Look For

If somebody contacts you to offer you this so-called “Once in a lifetime” opportunity make sure you watch out for the following red flags;

❌Do NOT give anyone your money
❌ Do NOT give anyone your Crypto

Ask for a website and look for online reviews

Know when you have been targeted.  I think this is good advice.

Do your research about the person.  For example, if they contact you through Facebook look at their account.  How many friends do they have?  My friend who I was talking to said he thought this Crypto guy was a scammer because his Facebook account had no friends, no posts.  He had a very good point I thought.  So there is this.

Also, another thing is how eager is the person trying to sell you something?  How much money are they asking you for?

What do they stand to gain?  Do they just want to make a small cut as an affiliate or do they want to take your money and run?  See if you can make a fiat cash transaction through PayPal.  Send as payment so you can claim your money back if something goes wrong.  If it genuinely is a cash cow you should have nothing to worry about.

I mean I believe that if it is an affiliate offering you a genuine opportunity you should do the decent thing and use their link, but by all means do a search on google about the company to see what you can find out about them.

The guy who has been messaging me said this which is funny.  I don’t have a website.  Scammers use websites lol

Like WTF I found this very strange.

Another thing ask yourself this why do they need you if they already have the resources to make $2,694.08 USD an hour?

This is very confusing to me.


So yes Watch Out For Crypto Scammers! but do not let this put you off.  That feeling of excitement is real.  It is possible to make decent money from Crypto.  Mining whether through your own resources or as an investment in a cloud mining operation can be very profitable.

You must understand this YOU CAN LOSE MONEY through cloud mining.  Crypto mining is a competition whoever works out the transaction first gets the crypto.  If you are mining alongside another 100 miners that need to be divided so there will be situations when the money you invest in you will not even make back.

For this reason, there are many mining pools that curb their numbers to keep this under control.

Finding The Right Mining Pool

You don’t really need to even bother with any middlemen.  Spend some time on Reddit asking questions where can I find a good mining pool? etc.  Two sites I would possibly advise looking at are Nicehash and Majestyhash.  I haven’t used them but they are both legit.  Just when you join you need to find the right pool.  As I’ve said above some pools you will actually lose crypto in.  Actually, see if you can get a recommendation for a good mining pool.

Reddit I would say is the best place to ask but also maybe Quora and Yahoo answer as well.

Just be careful though as this is a prime situation for a scammer to target you.  If someone starts trying to private message you making all these out of this world promises be very vigilant.

What Else…

What is credible.  The crypto guy who messaged me sent me this video;

This does very much look and sound like a very big Crypto rig.

I kind of thought maybe this guy is for real but then I thought is it even his video.  I’ve just ripped it and put it on Youtube myself so how easy could they download this from someone else.

Ask them to film another video where they show a bit of paper with your name next to the rig.  Even where they share the video they could say your name or something.  This should really help.

In Conclusion

Watch Out For Crypto Scammers! Spot The Signs!

Here is the trouble.  This is a very real thing due to its volatile nature Crypto investments can be very lucrative.  However, is someone people are likely interested in a lot of people are looking to exploit these situations for their own selfish means.

The sad truth is that scamming someone for Crypto is a lot easier than scamming someone for their Fiat.  Due to its complicated manner, this makes it a lot easier to exploit people.  

You can not really do much about it either.  If someone robs a bank they will go to prison but if someone steals your crypto the police officer probably will just scratch their head and say sorry I can not help you.

Common sense is key here.  Do your research genuine opportunities are out there you just need to find them.

My advice, check out Nicehash, Majestyhash, and also my previous posts about GPU Mining and How To Get Rich With Crypto.   I hope this is helpful.

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Also, if you know anyone that might like to read this post or any others please share this with them.

Many thanks;

Alex B. Chivers


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