how to safeguard your cryptocurrency investments

Safeguard Crypto Investments In The Event of Astronomical Gains

Hypothetical question:  You invest in that one Crypto, 6 months later it goes up in value by 5000%,  What do you do?  How do you safeguard your Crypto Investments in the Event of Astronomical Gains?

Seriously, if your $10 investment turned into $50K what would you do?  You would probably want to find a way to at least take some of it out right?  Maybe $10k for a holiday but actually you will probably think it is wise to cash in on the rest as well.  Just in case this is its peak and it crashes and you lose half the value (or more) of your assets.

I know most people will think.  “I know  ???? I will exchange to Bitcoin and use somewhere like Coinbase to cash it all in”.

Yeah, about that I would be very careful about doing this.  I’ve read a few horror stories here about people trying to cash in with the top 5 exchanges.  I will share some screenshots in this post.  Think carefully before you take these actions and definiely consider your options.  I have a few ideas how to safeguard your crypto investments.

Exactly why I have decided to write this post…

How To Safeguard Crypto Investments…

In The Event of Astronomical Gains

how to safeguard crypto investments

First Things First

Maybe you will need to swap for Bitcoin.  It really depends on which exchange you are using but just make sure you have a clear idea what you are going to use your Crypto for.   You want to buy something that is going to hold its value$

This should be your main aim and for a big part of todays post I will use examples of how to spend your Bitcoin.  Although, have a look around there are other vendors that exchange for Ethereum, and Dash etc.  I’ve not looked for any that allow you to exchange goods for Monero but I am sure there are some.  Just take a look on Google.

Try some of the ideas I share below but instead of typing in “Buy [Insert Here] with Bitcoin”, type in Monero or whatever else you are holding instead.  You might be pleasantly surprised.  For now I think most businesses that accept Crypto are usually Bitcoin but as the future plays out more businesses will become open to other coins as well.

Just really think about this spending Crypto as you would regular money, but…

Why Do This Instead of Trying To Cash In?

Here is the thing.  You need to have your wits about you.  Cryptocurrency as a whole is one of the most volatile markets there is out there full stop.  When making a trade you want to get this done as quickly as possible.  If say Coinbase starts asking you to send documents before you can sell your Bitcoin or whatever else you could lose out big time.

You don’t want this to happen and it could happen with Gemini,, or even Binance.  I wouldn’t even hold any Crypto here.  At least no more than a few hundred.  They can suspend your account anytime and they very often do.

I will share some screenshots for you.  So you can see what I’m on about.

Here is one Coinbase users recent Reddit posts on the r/Coinbade sub.  They have had their Assets basically frozen for the next 3 months, and not good frozen this could either go one or two ways.  Their Crypto could go up for sure.  It even might end up roughly around the same mark but also possible is it could completely tank, and this guy will not be able to do NOTHING.

loyalty means nothing to clickbank

Here is another customer that has tried to withdraw their assets from Coinbase.  They have made them basically jump through hoops to withdraw their money, asking for Photo ID and other means of proof of identity.

There is secure and there is taking the ****.  25 Days later this customer is still waiting.

How much can something like BTC change in 25 Days.  Think about that.

coinbase doesn't want to process my withdrawal

It’s not just Coinbase either…

Here is one of the reviews for  They are scammers be mindful.

 and here is a couple from Gemini Is scamming me please help. is a scam

It’s Enough To Put Anyone Off Completely but Please Don’t Let It!

Plenty of money is there to be made from Investing into CryptoCurrency.  There are a lot of success stories out there.  Just don’t let any of these crooked exchanges screw you over.

I use Coinbase because they let you earn free Crypto every once in a while.  I’ve probably made around $50 since joining this way but otherwise I will only use to buy small amounts of BTC to send elsewhere.  Which I really shouldn’t because of its high fees.  I am looking for a good alternative if you know one let me know in the comments.

Now, instead of Coinbase Instead get yourself a wallet or use a more friendly exchange such as TradeOgre.  There are others also checkout TrustPilot or before you join.  You can not cash in for FIAT currency using either method but seriously I DON’T THINK you should try to cash your Crypto in for FIAT at least not directly.

Matbe if its a small amount but we are talking about How To Safeguard Crypto Investments In The Event of Astronomical Gains HERE.  If you got $50K you might be able to CASH in but remember this is risky.  Even if you do cash it in there is the Tax man as well.   I know good honest people should pay tax but when is this ever fair – Like really?

Anyway, Maybe do this instead.

Invest Bitcoin In Gold With Vaultoro

If you really want to hold the value of your investment from your CryptoCurrencies consider this.

Use your Bitcoin to buy Precious Metals.  Gold and Silver especially.

I have looked around online and found one website that specialises in buying Gold with Bitcoin.  It is called

Use this website to purchase Gold with either Bitcoin, Ethereum or DASH.

Join Vaultoro Buy Physical Gold with BTC, ETH or DASH

>>>Visit Website HERE<<<

Also, it maybe worth noting that EToro also let’s you trade with Crypto and I believe you can buy Gold, Silver and others from here as well.  Check out their website and you will see what I mean.

Another Way to Safeguard your Crypto Investments when they Go Up!

I love this idea.  If you are looking for a good way to safeguard your Crypto Investments when they go up.  Go a CryptoCurrency shopping spree.  Look for websites that let you buy Gift Cards/Vouchers for ecommerce stores such as eBay and Amazon.  Use these Gift cards to buy high value items that you can sell back on.

You could even if you are willing to take a loss buy actual Gift Cards to sell on for less.  Look at Giftcards for websites such as AirBnB,, and Supermarket/Superstore chains,  Electronics Suppliers, and others like XBOX Live + PSN.

“Yes, it is a lot of fluffing about but you got stability”.  

I think I especially like the idea of buying Collectable from eBay.  Comic Books, Sports Memoribillia, Art and Antiques.  You may even make a nice little profits.  Look into eBay/Amazon arbitage – where you buy and sell things for more money.

Now,  here are a few websites I found.  Check them out on Trustpilot to see if there legit but here you go.

And On This Tip Use Your Bitcoin To Go On A Luxury Holiday ☀

Yes, seriously.  Consider this, let’s say you’ve just made 25K from a $100 investment on Cryptocurrencies.  You exchange everything for Bitcoin you go to Coinbase to cashout.  Then they suspend your account for 3 months and the value of your Bitcoin drops to 5K.  Beyond words I know but wouldn’t this wind you up even more… That instead you could have spent 15K on a luxury holiday and had 10K left over.

This is a thing by the way.  I know with Electroneum they have a website for this.  Kind of what I like about it but there are also websites like Berkeley Travel – Based in the UK that allow customers to pay with Bitcoin.

They probably are not the only one’s either.  Search google you should be pretty happy with what you find.

In fact, it is not just holidays.  If you want to hold physical goods to safeguard your Crypto Investments…

How About Buying Cars With Crypto

I googled this as well, and this is also a thing.  If you have thousands of dollars worth of Bitcoin there are websites where you can actually buy cars from.  Its likely not for everyone I know but if you have somewhere to actually put the cars its something to consider.  You have to take a hit for a few hundred maybe but its definitely a safer bet than getting your trading account frozen for trying to withdraw your own money lol

Here is one website I have found.  Surely there are likely others too if you look around.

…Or Even Buying Real Estate With Crypto

This is no joke.  You can buy cars, holidays, clothes, shopping vouchers and seriously even Real Estate with Bitcoin.

I don’t have any prior knowledge of this company and I am sure there are others but just sharing as an example.

It is called  Ugly website but something to consider if you got a big giant hole in your BTC pocket to burn through.  I mean this is surely one of the best way to safeguard your Crypto Investments.

buy real estate with bitcoin

Just make sure you are buying something that you are in fact going to be able to sell on.  Even though Real Estate is right up there with Gold and Silver.  Don’t get caught paying to high over the odds for any a property that needs considerable investment if you don’t have the extra funds.

Nothing holds its value better than Bricks and Mortar, but just be careful.

In Conclusion – Safeguard Crypto Investments

Well, it would be nice to think that you could talk to the likes of Coinbase,, Gemini, KuCoin or whoever else and get assurances from them before you transfer your Bitcoin to them.  In any situation where you want to cash out through these exchanges it would be sensible to contact them first and try and get some kind of guarantees.

However, how long will they take and can you really trust them to stick to their word?  Taking into account the ideas above are great ideas really but it is kind of a shame it has to come to this.  Imagine hitting $50K only to be told you can’t do anything with it, and having to sit back and watch as the value fluctuates.  No one wants that surely.

So, think about this can you send you Bitcoin or whatever Crypto to your own Wallet where you don’t have to stress about your exchange freezing your account.  Definitely look at either Ledger or Trezor hardware wallets or even look for a good reliable virtual wallet outside of your Crypto Exchange where you can store your assets instead.

This is the other part of the puzzle I think just try and act quickly.  Stable coins you might find helpful for this but hey maybe not.  Maybe try buying Cryptos which are faster at completeing transactions with.  Most these days are faster than BTC.

Ultimately, do your research often on different ideas so when its time to act you know exactly what to do.

Your Feedback – Let Us Know What Y’all Think

Finally, I hope this information about How To Safeguard Your Crypto Investments In The Event Of Astronomical Gains Has Been Helpful.  Is there anything that I’ve missed?  I think I’ve covered most ideas, but is there any websites that you might feel deserve extra special mentions?  Please let us know in the comments.

Also, If you have any questions or would like to leave any other feedback it would be great to hear from you.

Many thanks and look forward to hearing from you all again.

Best Wishes for all my fellow Pirates

Alex B Chivers and Jacob R Chivers

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