6 Best Mobile Apps for Mining Crypto in 2022

Want Free Crypto?  Some WAY where you don’t have to outlay any investment first.  Just something which is simple to understand where you can start right away – well…  You may have likely heard all about Crypto Mining before but probably wondered how you can get involved.  HERE IS HOW ~ 6 Best Mobile Apps for Mining Crypto in 2022

So, yes the best part is all you will need is a half-decent Smart Phone and you can start earning Crypto.  Usually, to start mining you usually need to use your CPU, GPU, ASICs or to join a mining pool through somewhere such as Nicehash.

However, this is no longer the case.  Now that APUs (Android Processing Units) are more developed you can now easily just begin Crypto Mining with your Smartphone.  It is this easy and all you have to do is download an app on your phone.

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6 Best Mobile Apps for Crypto Mining (TOC)

6 best mobile apps for crypto mining

Introduction to Crypto Mining Mobile Apps

There is more than one way to make money in this world.  This much is for sure and in this modern age Cryptocurrencies are taking over everything.  For many just buying Crypto and selling for a higher price is enough but for many others, the most attractive option to earn is through crypto mining. 

The jury is still out for what of the two is really better.  However, there is no doubt that it has helped many people make a good living for themselves and their families. 

In this blog post, we will take a look at 6 different Crypto Mining mobile apps on your phone!

There are many different Android apps for mining cryptos. There is no doubt about it!  

Some of them will be better than others, but that depends on your goals and how much time you want to put into this. We took a look at six applications that can help anyone start making money today with their phone’s APU.

A set and forget method that is excellent for earning money even whilst you are not using these devices.

We shall begin with…

i.)  Crypto Mining with Krypton

A mobile application called Krypton Cloud Miner allows users to mine cryptocurrencies using their phones. 

Users will connect to a cloud mining data centre and can access many different pools to mine Crypto including Bitcoin, BinanceCoin, Ethereum and Monero plus many others.

The price is $12.99.  Reviews from Google Play Store are largely positive.  5 Stars from 279 Reviews

DownloadKrypton from Google Play Store

Notes:  I have had a look online for reviews outside of Play Store can not find any.  It looks like it could be a good app that is available to use for a small investment but proceed with caution as many of these reviews could be fake.

ii.)  Earn BTC with Bitcoin Miner

There are actually 2 Apps in the Google App Store called Bitcoin Miner.  One by PLS Studio which is Ad heavy with a high withdrawal limit and the 2nd App which I will discuss below;

With Bitcoin Miner, you can mine Bitcoins on your Android device and earn money. You can use it to mine while doing your day-to-day activities without compromising performance since it is one of the first mining apps available.

Once downloaded, you can make money while the app is running in the background of your phone. Miners work with two types of mining pools: SMPPS (shared maximum pay per share) and PPLNS (pay per last n shares). It is possible to switch between these types at any time and to choose the one you want to join.

To use unfortunately it is not free and you must select between one of 2 monthly payment subscriptions.

Download:  Bitcoin Miner (2)Bitcoin Miner By PLS Studio

Notes:  Bitcoin Miner (2) has over 4K reviews.  Many negative but mostly positive although many 5 Star Reviews I have read seem a little premature.  Users claim they have earned a decent amount of Satoshi but have not yet made their withdrawal.

Also, Bitcoin Miner by PLS Studio has over 1K reviews.  Many 5 stars but then they are basically bribing people with Satoshi to leave 5-star reviews.  So kind of suspect that.

iii.)  ViaBTC – Crypto Mining Mobile Apps

Founded in 2016 ViaBTC is the 5th largest BTC mining pool worldwide.  It is also the largest pool worldwide for BCH [BitcoinCash].  Not only this but this service also provides for close to one million users in 130+ different countries with professional, efficient and safe crypto mining.  Its Market Value is well into its Billions and through this App, you can access 15+ Cryptos including BTC, ETH, XMR, ZCash and DASH.

As for reviews quite impressive as over 10K on the Google App Store alone but still many complaints by users not able to properly use the App.  Based on some of these reviews some say that mining BTC is a waste of time and for best results, you should look to mine BCH.   I would personally be interested in mining XMR but as of now have not used this app myself.


Website:  https://www.viabtc.com/

Notes:  ViaBTC is for advanced users and requires investment.  It is a much bigger platform than the previous two I mentioned but it does include mining guides with instructions on how to mine each different Crypto. 

iv.)  Mine Crypto with AA Miner

This is the app you need if you want a no-frills, bare-bones cryptocurrency mining tool that gets straight to the point. More than 50 cryptocurrencies are supported, including Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, FantomCoin, Bytecoin, and DigitalNote, as well as the “most lucrative mining” algorithm: CryptoNite. 

The CryptoNite mining software can be used to mine Monero, Bytecoin, and other altcoins.

AA Miner, like other cryptocurrency mining apps for Android, lets you specify how many threads will crunch cryptographic numbers. You can also choose to have the app run in the background, or only when the phone is plugged in.

DownloadGet AA Miner

Notes:  AA Miner appears to have a lot of advantages over the above mentioned.  There are only 295 reviews (as of now) on the Google Play Store.  Some users have found the UX to be a bit off-putting as the website contains some sections in Korean.  Although, users that have managed to use this App successfully claim it is very efficient.

V.)  Mine Crypto with NeoNeonMiner

In order to use NeonNeon Miner, you must join a cryptocurrency mining pool. 

In addition to Bitcoin, Litecoin, Feathercoin, and Vertcoin, there are a number of other cryptocurrencies supported. There are some annoyances with the interface, as well as the banner ads. 

While NeonNeonMiner offers a detailed cryptocurrency mining log, it can also recognize most smartphone SoCs in seconds, making it an excellent autoconfiguration script.

In terms of options, NeonNeonMiner is comparable to other cryptocurrency mining apps for Android.  Of course, you can change mining pools as well as protocols/algorithms as you wish. If the app is confirming a transaction, you can increase or decrease the number of threads it runs across.

Download Here:  APK Tools NeoNeon Miner

Vi.)  Editors Pick:  Stormgain

stormgain crypto miner for android

Last but not least is my own pick Stormgain.  This is very easy to use.  It is kind of slow to earn from but as a new member, you can earn a 5 BTC (USDT) bonus.  It may take you 2 weeks to build up to the 10 BTC (USDT) withdrawal limit but once you do you can begin Crypto Staking.

This, in my own experience, I found was quite simple to do.  You can stake higher each time and this will get your money up in no time.   Plus you can also run the miner in the background as often as you like (in the background) with just the push of a button.  Pretty much.  As, well once you have staked xx Crypto you get a larger stake from your Crypto Mining Efforts.

Note: the main platform is the website based but the mobile app is very good also.

Website:  Stormgain.com  

In Conclusion

Of course, Mobile mining is very attractive as a prospect to earn a bit extra capital towards your Crypto investments.  Many apps have been released now that all claim to be able to help you mine Crypto – this is how big this business is.  Although, is what you need to consider are actually using your phone’s APU for the mining.

It’s all well and good if you are but this is exactly why people set up rigs of GPU’s ~ you might find some unknown Crypto that is low demand that might be OK but BTC for example has 100’s of Thousands if not Millions competing against each other to verify transactions.  Exactly why you have warehouses full of machines because the fastest wins.

So be very careful about actually using your phone’s power to add to mining pools this kind of hardware can be very costly.

Try instead cloud mining.  It will cost you but at least you are not using your own resources and if you mine the right coins there is definitely money to be made.  Instead of BTC, LTC, and ETH try instead BCH, XMR or something like RVN.

As for the Apps above, I think AA Miner, ViaBTC and Stormgain are probably the one’s to check out.

Hope this is helpful;

Your Feedback – Share Your Thoughts

What do you think of the 6 Crypto Mining Mobile Apps that I have shared above?  Do you know any others that are better?

Please let me know your thoughts and your suggestions in the comments below;

Plus if you know anyone or any groups that would be good to share this content please pass this on.


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