7 Places Where To Find Airdrops for Free Crypto in 2022?

Just like any profit-making organization needs to deploy a form of marketing strategy to help facilitate its growth, crypto startups and projects are no different.  Indeed, like any new business that needs to promote itself and raise awareness for its brand Cryptocurrencies do so in the form of airdrops. These are when a company basically […]

Is the Bitcoin Lightning Network Private? What Does This Mean for BTC?

Is the Bitcoin Lightning Network Private?  What does this mean for the future of Bitcoin and all of its holders?  Speed is certainly one very promising aspect of the new Bitcoin Lightning Network but how about privacy? Many might have heard about this – that Bitcoin is a Surveillance Coin.  This means that EACH TIME you make […]

Who Is Jeff Berwick Dollar Vigilante – Is He The Real Deal?

Who Is Jeff Berwick Dollar Vigilante – Is He The Real Deal?  Have you heard of this guy?  For anyone that knows this man, you might wonder what he has to offer people.  Is he a scammer? or is he the genuine article?   I’ve mentioned Jeff in a few of my past posts now I […]

How Does Crypto Staking Work? and What You Should Know!

You’ll hear about staking a lot if you are a crypto investor. In most cryptocurrencies, stakes are used to verify transactions, and stakeholders earn rewards for their holdings.  It can be a great way to earn interest on your current crypto holdings – However, What is Cryptocurrency Staking? and How Does Crypto Staking Work? So staking […]

6 Best Mobile Apps for Mining Crypto in 2022

Want Free Crypto?  Some WAY where you don’t have to outlay any investment first.  Just something which is simple to understand where you can start right away – well…  You may have likely heard all about Crypto Mining before but probably wondered how you can get involved.  HERE IS HOW ~ 6 Best Mobile Apps for Mining […]

Where To Buy Floki Inu – 4 Best Crypto Exchanges To Use!

Where to buy Floki Inu?  This is a new cryptocurrency meme coin that is named after Elon Musk’s dog.  I am expecting big things from this so thought that I would share a post for anyone interested to learn more. Now, I am not Elon Musk’s biggest fan.  I don’t really care too much for […]

12 Metaverse Gaming Tokens – Where To Buy and What Is Good!

12 metaverse tokens to invest in for 2022

We’ve all heard of Cryptocurrency for sure.  Online gaming we surely know about too but how about Metaverse Gaming Tokens?  Basically the Future Cryptocurrency of the online gaming world. THIS well I am definitely excited to share about it.  In my last post, I wrote about Crypto Gaming.  How, as an investment people should really […]

Can You Become Rich with Crypto Gaming? You Need To Read This

Recently I was talking to Jacob (my nephew and the co-creator at privacypirate.xyz) about a video he had seen about how to become rich with Crypto Gaming.  It got my attention because I have been looking at a couple of things related to this recently – android mining and NFTs (are they profitable?). Someone recommended […]

Are NFTs for Crypto Investors a Good Idea? Let’s Settle THIS!

$69.3 MILLION is the most money an NFT has EVER sold for.  On the 11th of March 2021, somebody actually paid 39134 ETH for “EveryDays – The First 5000 Days” By Beeple.   True story and this is not the only piece of NFT artwork that has sold for more than 1 Million (USD) [R].   There are […]

Iridium, Equilibria, Zano amd SumoKoin – October 2021 Crypto Picks

Ahoy Pirates, Might Ye be wondering what is going on in the world of Crypto at the moment?  Recently ‘our heartie’ Jeff Berwick and his TCV team released their new Crypto pick for October 2021.  So Iridium, Equilibria, Zano and SumoKoin are the four I have picked out today.  If you are wondering why all […]