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Who Is Jeff Berwick Dollar Vigilante – Is He The Real Deal?

Who Is Jeff Berwick Dollar Vigilante – Is He The Real Deal?  Have you heard of this guy?  For anyone that knows this man, you might wonder what he has to offer people.  Is he a scammer? or is he the genuine article?  

I’ve mentioned Jeff in a few of my past posts now I think.  I know for sure in my post ‘Iridium, Equilibria, Zano and Sumokoin‘ I spoke about him.  I’ve personally been a follower of his for about 2 Years now – watching his videos on Bitchute.  My brother, I think got me interested in his work around the beginning of the first lockdown.

He is definitely, an interesting sort.  His main thing is Cryptocurrencies but also blowing the lid on current events, politics and global injustice.  I don’t want to talk too much about the latter here – check out Jeff’s videos if that’s your thing but actually what I would like to discuss is Jeff’s actual business as a financial investor and his cryptocurrency picks.

For this, he publishes a paid newsletter and this will be one of the main things I’d like to look into with you.

So, without further ado…

Who Is Jeff Berwick Dollar Vigilante (TOC)

For anyone that doesn’t know about Jeff already.  Jeff Berwick is an investor and entrepreneur from Edmonton, Canada.  He currently resides in Acapulco, Mexico and has been involved with the financial markets since the late ’80s.  

Originally, Jeff first made his fortune through his website  This was launched in 1994 right at the beginning of the commercial internet era and at its height had a market capitalization of $240 Million USD.   

Jeff worked as CEO of Stockhouse from 1994 until 2002 when he sold the business.  Although he still carried on in an advisory role with the company until 2007.  [R}

Since this time Jeff Berwick started the Dollar Vigilante in 2009, a blog site focused on Anarcho-Capitalism, Gold, Silver, Mining Stocks and Cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin. [R]

Here is a video of Jeff recommending Bitcoin back in June 2013

Is Jeff Berwick Legit?

jeff berwick dollar vigilante

Over the year’s Jeff has made several picks for cryptocurrencies that have gone on to do very well.  Bitcoin was the first Crypto that Jeff recommended.  He appeared on Fox News, CNBC and Bloomberg during this time and for anyone that listened to him this would have been when BTC was under £1000.  

Ethereum was another one of Jeff’s picks and in more recent years Monero, Chainlink,  Wownero, and  Piratechain he recommended at $0.0005  From this standpoint he has definitely proven himself.

However, since this time there has only been DERO which he recommended at $2.  This is now at around $10 (January 2022) and so far it’s All-Time High (ATH) since his pick was $27.29 [R}   

Actually, not a bad pick but maybe the thing that people doubt Jeff for most at the moment is his latest Crypto pick Equilibria and if the likes of Piratechain, DERO and Monero are going to shoot up in value, or not.  

I’m personally inclined to believe he is right.  The usual premise for his Crypto picks is Privacy Centric coins that could replace others in the mainstream such as Bitcoin and ETH.   

He definitely knows his stuff but certainly whether his long term predictions come to fruition still remains to be seen.

What Is The Crypto Vigilante (TCV)?

Alongside Jeff Berwick is his team of Crypto Market Analysts and together they have put together the exclusive – paid members-only newsletter ‘The Crypto Vigilante (TCV)’.  Jeff describes this as the closest thing to legal insider trading and a crystal ball for crypto trading and investing.

By subscribing to this Paid Newsletter there is no need to guess or hope anymore.  If the information that is available is really as valuable as Jeff claims then this is certainly a very promising investment.

What Do You Get as a TCV Member?

crypto vigilante jeff berwick

i.)  Monthly TCV Newsletters

Every month as a member of the Crypto Vigilante you will be sent the TCV newsletter.  An actionable analysis of the crypto markets that is easy to understand within a few minutes.  This is where all the tips for new Crypto picks are announced.

ii.)  TCV Portfolio Updates

Find out what cryptocurrencies Jeff and his team are watching, which one’s are up and coming and which one’s are being SOLD OFF fast.

iii.)  Crypto Insider Reports

Also included are special reports and EBooks to help you get educated on what really matters in Crypto.

iv.)  Timely Crypto Alerts

For me, this is possibly one of the best things about the TCV membership.  Get notifications so you know exactly when to buy, sell or DOUBLE UP.  This is certainly very useful if you are an active Crypto investor.

>>>Find Out More About Jeff Berwick and the Crypto Vigilante Newsletter membership HERE<<<

Is the Jeff Berwick Dollar Vigilante Worth Your Time and Money?

Here is the thing about Jeff Berwick and the Crypto Vigilante newsletter.  Membership does not come cheap. 

To become a member of the TCV you must pay an annual membership fee of $899.00 USD

Basically, $75 a month or $2.46 a day.  On the face of it – it doesn’t really seem to be worth it but it does appear to be an investment that has paid off for many TCV members.

One example of what is possible as a member of the TCV newsletter is shown below.

This subscriber took Jeffs advice on buying Piratechain (ARRR) on the day of the TCV Crypto Pick.  They were able to turn $4500 into $456,069.  Not bad really a $10000 investment here would have made this person a MILLIONAIRE but you kind of doubt they are complaining this is close to half a million from a $5K investment.

Although, no doubt there are some question marks?  Will there be another Piratechain?  Is your $900 investment going to be covered by the next TCV pick or even Jeff and his team’s current investment tips?  

You do kind of get the feeling that you are about to take a huge gamble on your future here but this is definitely a legitimate opportunity if you can afford it.

For me, I definitely trust Jeffs picks I have personally invested in several so far and am keen to see what happens.  I am not a TCV member but what I find appealing is the alerts and knowing when to sell my assets.

So Why Not Give The Crypto Vigilante a Try?

Seriously, if you can afford it and you have a decent amount of money to invest in Crypto then this could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.  As of now, there are thousands of different Cryptocurrencies online and it is simply just a matter of knowing which one’s to invest in at the right time.  

Jeff’s newsletter claims to be able to help with all this and more.

Plus, not only this but as a member of TCV you will also get Jeff and his teams Stock picks and other useful investment ideas and advice.  For the value of this information, the price is it would seem very reasonable compared.

Jeff’s Previous Crypto Picks

As of 2022 Jeff Berwick has made several recommendations about which Cryptocurrencies to buy.  Usually, he will announce either 1 or 2 new picks a year.  His last four big picks I will share with you below;

i.)  Piratechain (ARR) @ $0.05 Cents USD

Pirate Chain Jeff Berwick

Many believe now that the ship for Piratechain has sailed already.  It did incredibly well originally as Jeff’s TCV pick back in around mid to late-2020.  It was recommended then at $0.05 cents USD and within 6 months it peaked @ $16.90.

Basically, if you had bought 100,000 ARRR for $5000 from this tip you would have made  $1,690,000.  (OVER 1 MILLION)

Not a bad result for $899.00 right? And this is the thing – getting tips like this early as possible is what makes the TCV newsletter so great but of course – you might wonder was this just a fluke?  Will there ever be another Piratechain?  

Jeff speaks about ARRR as a better version of Monero.  He still boasts that this will continue to keep growing strong.  It is back down to around a dollar now but as Jeff claims this is the future of Cryptocurrency.  He believes that even Monero could at some stage end up being overtaken by Piratechain (ARRR).  

Maybe he is just saying this to fuel his own ego – he definitely seems to have a connection to this cryptocurrency – but we will see – if it goes back to $16.00 at least it could still be a nice little tip for people.  Jeff’s predicts it to reach $100+ though which is questionable considering its recent activity.  He is definitely more of an expert than I am though so maybe he will be right.

Now, here is another pick that did well…

ii.)  Wownero (WOW) @ $0.02 Cents USD

wownero jeff berwick tcv crypto pick

In the same year of the Piratechain pick, Jeff also made a recommendation for Wownero.  This I believe was recommended at $0.02 and within 6 months reached an All-Time High (ATH) of $2.03.   

Again a $5000 investment could have made you $507,500 USD.  Basically, HALF A MILLION USD

It kind of makes you want to get a time machine and travel back but then you do have to wonder will Jeff Berwick do this again?  Imagine paying $899.00 for these 2 tips and investing $5K or $10K in each?  You would but laughing right now…

But what is Wownero anyway?   This is basically the Privacy-Centric version of DOGEcoin.  Imagine that!

A MEME coin making you into a millionaire – these picks WOW maybe they are worth it after all.

iii.)  DERO (DERO) @ $2.00 USD

dero jeff berwick tcv crypto pick

The first of last years (2021) TCV picks was DERO (DERO).  This is a bit different to the last 2.  It was recommended at around $2.  If you had invested $5K like the last two and sold at $27.00 a coin you would have made $67,500 USD.  

It is supposed to go even higher according to Jeff but still for investors this would have been a nice little tip.  It wouldn’t have made you as much as Piratechain or Wownero but still a nice bit of profit.  Again this easily covers the $899.00 membership fee – and based on these last 3 TCV picks you can definitely justify this investment but what is DERO?

I’ve actually done a post about DERO on this blog already.  You can >>>Check This Out Here<<< but anyhow DERO is like the Privacy Centric version of Ethereum.  According to Jeff, because of the importance of Smart Contracts and privacy/anonymity he believes DERO will eventually overtake Ethereum.     

It’s kind of mad when you think about Ethereum and its place in the Metaverse and with NFTs but he definitely has a point about Privacy.  Not to forget about the ever extortionate gas fees either.  

Also, DERO can be used by developers which makes it even more desirable.

iv.)  Equilibria (XEQ) @ $0.20 cents USD

This is Jeff Berwick’s worst kept secret right now.  Generally, he doesn’t reveal his Crypto picks until several months later but around the time of this pick, he slipped up and said that he mentioned this in an old video as a S**tcoin.  

He didn’t realise what it was apparently and as of now, this is his latest pick.  It’s kind of been quite disappointing so far.  It was recommended to buy at around $0.20 and it peaked at around $0.92 a week later and now it is back down to $0.25.

Many subscribers are probably pretty disappointed with this.  Even though it could have easily 4x’d your investment.  $5K could have made you $20K but then it hasn’t even been six months yet.  Both Piratechain and Wownero took an average of 6 months so maybe Equilibria will show its true worth in the coming months.

Its technology is definitely very impressive.  It’s another developer coin for Smart Contracts etc.  Based on this information it is a very good investment when you follow Jeff’s philosophy of privacy-centric cryptocurrencies.

In Conclusion

I’ve been wanting to do a post about Jeff Berwick Dollar Vigilante for a while now.  He definitely has built up a following over the years.  Not just from his work with the Dollar Vigilante platform but from being an outspoken voice for the people and through his videos on Youtube and Bitchute.  

He definitely, is a big personality without a doubt but many will definitely have wished they could have been privy to Jeff’s crypto picks in the past.  Of course, the price is quite high.  Not many of us will justify paying $900 to join an email list but the maths definitely checks out.  All 4 of Jeff Berwicks Crypto picks and 5 if you count Chainlink (LINK) will have covered your membership fee.  As long as you bought on the day of the pick, invested enough money and sold at the right time.

There definitely has been a good reason to join the TCV newsletter in the past but can Jeff’s future pick’s repeat this trend?  This is the question – IF you would like to risk it CHECK OUT THIS LINK HERE

*Please note I am an affiliate of the Dollar Vigilante.  If you happen to make a purchase I may receive a commission for my recommendation.  The price you pay will not be affected*

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at

Many thanks for reading (if you have got this far)

Best regards;  #ToYourSuccess

Alex B. Chivers

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  1. This is the first time that I have heard of this gentleman or his system, from what you have said it seems like he has a lot of experience and he has the wealth to back up his expertise. Investing does not come cheap but the good part is you can also build wealth in this manner. Thanks so much for sharing this system with your readers as we receive insights into this system.

    1. Thanks Norman,  yes totally there is a lot of information you can find about Jeff Berwick.  He has been in the business almost since the beginning of Bitcoin.  For anyone with a few grand to spare I think his advice is definitely worth its weight.  I’ve invested in everyone so far.  I sold my Wownero but all the others I still have holdings in.  Will be an interesting 12 months no doubt.

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