7 Places Where To Find Airdrops for Free Crypto in 2022?

Just like any profit-making organization needs to deploy a form of marketing strategy to help facilitate its growth, crypto startups and projects are no different.  Indeed, like any new business that needs to promote itself and raise awareness for its brand Cryptocurrencies do so in the form of airdrops.

These are when a company basically gives away free Crypto to help bring in new customers.  Which sounds great right?  Free Crypto is free money, but… Where to Find Airdrops for Free Crypto in 2022?

So, many once-in-a-lifetime opportunities have happened thus far as a result of airdrops.   Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Minereum (MNE) and Stellar Lumens (XLM) have been very lucrative for people so far. (R)  Even more recently a new Crypto based on the Bored Ape NFT made several people millionaires overnight!  (R)

The hype is definitely real and with this comes the possibility for more new airdrops to do just as well.

So do you want to know where to find airdrops for Free Cryptocurrency?  These can definitely be very beneficial if you get the right coins.  

For sure you can also get lumbered with a load of rubbish Sh*tcoins but of course, quite simply free Crypto is Free Crypto, right?

Plus it’s digital so it’s not like a big stack of books taking up space in the corner of your front room.  Even if some of these coins turn out to be worthless what have you got to lose?  It is in most cases nothing HONESTLY but yes I will cover everything throughout the duration of this new blog post…

Where To Find Airdrops for Free Crypto in 2022?


Now, maybe you have heard about airdrops before already.  For anyone that uses the Brave Browser which I definitely highly recommend you will quite often see ads for platforms offering airdrops.

Whether it be for Crypto or NFTS lots of Crypto companies use airdrops to attract new customers.  People love free stuff and this is a classic example.  

Although for many of us looking to find airdrops it can at times be quite a frustrating and disappinting experience. 

Mostly because many airdrops are not as easy to get as a lot of us would like them to be.

Sometimes It can be as simple as following a new launch on Twitter or Instagram, sharing their post or entering a competition but it can also be a quite complicated process where you must collect things like points and referrals.   

Not very easy for the average person.  People certainly do succeed here but still knowledge is power.

If you are looking for places where to find airdrops for free crypto you should know where to look for the.. 

I mean I am by no means an expert when it comes to Crypto airdrops but according to my research there are avenues out there and here are some of the best places I’ve found to look.

I’d guess these aren’t the only places online – please let us know any tips you have in the comments – but hopefully these places where to find airdrops for free crypto are all good and they can really help make the difference…

1#.)  Follow R/ Airdrops On Reddit

crypto airdrops reddit

There are many great reasons to start using Reddit if you are not already a member.  Personally I’ve used this network for about 2 years now.  It has been great for quite a lot of problems that I’ve needed help with.

Like PrivacyPirate.XYZ is not my only website I also have 3 others that I am at various stages of developing.

So Reddit has been a great place to connect with people in that respect but actually in regards to this article there are a few subreddits that post about new airdrops.

Definitely check out the R/ Airdrops sub, and also a couple more that might be worth taking a look at are R/CryptoAirdrop and R/CosmosAirdrops.  These are just a few subs you will find and there are more.

So, going through I noticed that a lot of it is for sign up offers but you do occasionally come across better opportunities to find airdrops for free crypto.

I’ve not really applied for too many of these yet but I think Reddit is a good place to start.

Then I would say maybe check out Twitter.

2#.)   Airdrops on Twitter

So, this has to be another one.  Anyone that knows will know that if you follow the right people on Twitteryou can become privvy to some very useful information.  Like NFT launches are one very good example but as well as this there are plenty of Twitter accounts that are sharing details about where to find airdrops for free crypto.

You should be careful though I will warn you as there is a lot of scammers on Twitter but just be vigilant – as long as you don’t fall for any of this nonsense you should be able to hear about some good opportunities.

If you simply just type in Airdrops in the Twitter search bar you should find some good results.  @AirdropAlert seems like a good account to follow but also just follow any accounts that use Airdrops in their name and keep an eye out for future posts.  DO NOT get sucked in by anyone that DMs you out the blue.

Just look out for future posts on your Twitter feed.  That is one idea but also…

3#.) Find Unclaimed Airdrops with Earn.Fi

Simply enter your wallet address for either Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BSC), Cosmos (Atom) or Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to find Airdrops for Free Crypto related to these blockchains.

find unclaimed airdrops with earn.fi

If you are looking for opportunities to earn free airdrops this might be a good website to check out.  I will admit I’m a bit late to the party here but after a quick google search this was one of the first results and it does look like it could be a helpful website.  I haven’t actually tried it out for myself but one I have is this next one. 

4#.) – Sign Up for Xumm

So this is one I actually am familiar with.  One of the drops I participated in was for an ERC-20 token called Lovecoin.  That was a pretty special one as I’ve never owned a million of something before – until this.  I still haven’t worked out how to exchange this into Bitcoin, Ripple or ETH yet but during this process I signed up with XUMM. 

This is actually a great place Where To Find Airdrops for Free Crypto – a lot of them are total c**p but still it’s worth joining I would say just for the chance that you could find a successful coin in its infant stages. 

To find a list of these new airdrops I would highly recommend you check this website out 


You can find a tutorial how to set this up in this video below;

You need to set up an XRP Trust Wallet but just be warned this will cost you around $2 of Ripple (XRP) for each one.

It is very possible you could be losing a lot of these downpayments just for your desire to collect Sh*tcoins but then as well just one of these may actually pay for everything.

You can also earn around 10 XRP a month just by using the Brave Browser.  Just make sure you set up a wallet with Uphold and you convert your Brave tokens into XRP (Ripple).

I’ve been doing this now for around a year and is always a nice feeling to build up my Crypto Assets but besides this there is a few more places I’d like to share in regards to Where To Find Airdrops for Free Crypto.

5# – Find Airdrops On Discord & Telegram Groups

telegram and discord for finding free crypto airdrops

If truth be told I am not an active member of neither Discord nor Telegram.  Perhaps I am missing out here – I don’t know.  Only that Discord is what is popular with all the youngsters today for online gaming communities and Telegram is great (or so I’ve heard) for online privacy.  

I definitely see the appeal here and in respect to where to find airdrops for free crypto I know these are two more places.  Mostly for building a community for sharing information about airdrops and for getting involved with exisiting online communities.  This seems to be the key here.  

Like the saying goes It’s not what you know it’s who you know.  I mean I can’t really get you in the door here unfortunately but one Discord Server I found is this one [Crypto Airdrops & Bounty].   

Maybe you can make some connections from here.  Would be a good idea I think.

And as for Telegram you just need to find someone to invite you to some of these grops.  Ask around on places like and Instagram but like I said earlier on be careful who you speak to and absolutely don’t give anyone any money.

I think this reakky wraps every thing up except maybe one last idea to check out is…

6# – Check Out Airdrops.io

best website online for free crypto airdrops

Another one I’ve not really used but rather one that I have known about for at least the end of last year is Airdrops.io.

This is a pretty LEGIT website which will introduce you to a lot of good free opportunities to claim free Crypto.  

I would honestly recommend if you don’t mind receiving marketing emails to subscribe to the Airdrops.io email list & newsletter.  This way you can almost certainly be sure to stay ahead of the pack when new launches are announced. 

You can also follow them on Telegram and Facebook @ 

Maybe you might find th next BitcoinCash or Stellar Lumens (XLM) it is definitely possible but seriously…


My Bonus:  Lovecoin.com

Sign up to get 100K Free Lovecoin

Either click the button above or CLICK HERE to get 100K FREE Lovecoin and find out how you can easily become a Lovecoin Millionaire xx ~ It’s honestly as simple as just giving them your email address.  

Although just to make this clear before you can exchange this for other tokens you need 2 Million Love but you can easily earn LOVE by sharing your own unique affiliate link and by using their mobile app to mine LOVE  through Telegram.  Really easy to do and if you would like to learn more just click to play the video above.

Final Word

Where To Find Airdrops for Free Crypto in 2022 and BEYOND?  Who doesn’t like #FREEMONEY – The information above should definitely help you and you can do whatever you like with it.

You can trade in for Bitcoin or Ethereum and cash it in.  You can save it up or do what I recommend trade it in for Privacy coins and just sit back and watch as the market explodes in the next 2-3 plus years.

Monero I will write about probably in the next post but Piratechain is another to watch out for.

I will leave the rest up to you but on one final note another place where to get more free airdrops xx 


Hope this helps.  Many thanks for reading xx

from Alex & Jacob Chivers


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