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Ergo, Haven and Ravencoin – What Is Going On?

Hi Guys,  So not been so busy on this website.  Been pretty busy elsewhere but not really had so much free time.  Not quite been a week since my last post but wow it appears the dip is officially over.  Now, a few Cryptos have caught my eye recently Ergo, Haven and Ravencoin РWhat Is Going On?  I have been watching these coins go up, up and up.

It’s been a bit like my head has exploded to be fair.¬† This August (2021) everything has been going up.¬† PirateChain has gone up to $4, Dero up to $15, Wownero up to $0.30 and basically just everything is going CRAZY.¬† Probably because of Bitcoin.¬† It’s good I suppose but I’m kind of kicking myself that I didn’t at least buy a bit more PirateChain.

There is part of me hoping these prices will go down but another that is saying to buy before these prices go up any more!

I don’t know I just maybe need to try and evaluate my finances I guess but yes anyway for this post I thought I would share a summary of each of these new Cryptos which have caught my eye;

Ergo, Haven and Ravencoin – What Is Going On?

So, Let’s Begin with Ergo Coin

Created:  July 2017ERGO Crypto Logo - Ergo, Haven, Ravencoin
:  ERG
Price as of 08/07/2021
:  $8:00
Current Market Cap
:  $256,716,074.25
Circulating Supply:
  32,012,428 ERG

All-Time High:  $19.60

Where To Buy:  Trade Ogre,, KuCoin, CoinEX, BIKI, Waves DEX, Tide EX, and 5 More.

About ERGO 

ERGO is a cryptocurrency-related to contractual money.  Kind of complicated to understand but as most Crypto is involved in financial transactions they need certain technology to process transactions securely.  ERGO is designed to improve previous Blockchain technology with a more user-friendly approach to making trades.

It is built on the POW (Proof of Work) algorithm using a technology called Autolykos.  It appears to be something that people will begin to use more and investment-wise it could be quite interesting because of its potential to be added to mainstream exchanges such as Gemini, Binance and CoinBase.

Haven Protocol – About The Haven Coin?

Created:  July 2018haven protocol logo
Price as of 08/07/2021:  $4.92
Current Market Cap:  $82,233,817.50
Circulating Supply:  14,409,798 XHV

All-Time High:  $28.99
Where To Buy:  Trade Ogre, KuCoin, BKEX, TOKOK, Bittrex, and CoinEx

About Haven Protocol:

Haven is a cryptocurrency that allows users to create their own digital assets.  Including both volatile and stable coins.  Its framework is based on Monero XMR.  So one of the best things about it is that it has most of the same privacy features.  The idea behind its creation was that it could be a tool that you could use to create privacy-centric stable coins.

Interestingly xUSD is one such coin made with Haven and this can be found on exchanges such as Trade Ogre.

What About Raven Coin?

Created: January 2018Ravencoin crypto
:  RVN
Price as of
08/07/2021:  $0.09
Current Market Cap
:  $870,628,707.27
Circulating Supply:
  9,377,110,000 RVN

All-Time High:  $0.2854
Where To Buy
:  Trade Ogre, BC Bitcoin, ChangeAngel, ChangeNow, Coinswitch, Changelly, Bitni, Binance, and 23 more.

About Ravencoin: 

Ravencoin is a cryptocurrency that uses a P2P Blockchain that manages the efficient creation and transfer of assets.  From one party to another.   It was built as a POW (Proof-of-work) coin based on the Bitcoin UTXO model.

Bonus:  Ghost By McAfee Coin

Created:  March 2020ghost by mcafee logo
Price as of
08/09/2021:  $0.65
Current Market Cap
:  $10,101,577.12
Circulating Supply:
  17,052,001 GHOST

All-Time High:  $2.16

Where To Buy:  Trade Ogre, Stakecube, GhostX, Hotbit, MXC, Hebe Wallet, and StakeCube

About GHOST:

Ghost is a Cryptocurrency privacy coin that claims to have no individual owner or central company behind it.  It operates as a decentralized POS (Proof-of-Stake) Coin and is managed by Ghost coin holders.  The co-founder of the Ghost project is two-time US Presidential Candidate John McAfee (RIP).

Also, worth noting is a new Cryptocurrency called Ghoul has been released recently by the Ghost Community.  It claims to be the first of its kind.  A USD backed Privacy Centric Crypto.  Of course there is also xUSD but whichever one becomes the more popular only time will tell.

My Observations:  

Which Of These Coins Should You Back? 

Actually, I think ERGO is interesting.¬† At it’s current price of $8.00 I think it could easily get back to its ATH of around $20.00 a coin.¬† I would personally target $25-30 if I were to invest but long time I would expect higher gains.¬† The reason why is I think out of all these coins except maybe RavenCoin this will probably be picked up by Coinbase.

As for RavenCoin I am actually considering looking into mining this.  If you visit the website there is a ton of links for mining pools here so that I think you should definitely check out.  Pricewise I would maybe target $0.40 to $0.50 a coin if your looking to invest whilst it is still going for cheap @ around $0.09 USD a coin.

Otherwise by far the one coin that has really got me excited here is 100% Haven.¬† I love Piratechain, I love Monero but the thing that has got my attention about Haven is definitely what it can do (the technology) but the fact it has nearly all the features of Monero I can’t wait to buy some.¬† Also, if you buy now it is around $5 a coin and it’s original all time high is $28.99 so I would definitely say you can easily 6x your money here.

Also, if the likes of Jeff Berwick are right about PirateChain and Monero reaching $30 and $1k РI would expect Haven to break new records as well.  Not to shoot myself in the foot but I am going to say $40-$50 a coin.

In Conclusion –

Ergo, Haven and Ravencoin – Crypto Spotlight – August 2021 #1

Bit of a short post today but what do you think?¬† I may do another similar Crypto Picks post soon.¬† It’s good actually as gives me the excuse to do a bit of research.¬† It has been quite an eye opener looking at these.¬† There all very exciting I think.¬† I’m not totally convinced by Ghost but you could at least 4x your investment on this short term I think.

However, I am pretty intrigued about the Ghoul Stable Coin and actually I didn’t really mention this but all these coins have got lots of updates in the pipeline.¬† Each of these has the potential to attract new buyers and really who knows what the future holds?¬† I think setting targets is smart to try and take advantage of the dips.

This is something I will definitely need to explore more in future posts but one idea if you are interested is to read my previous post “How To Get Rich With Crypto“.¬† That should give you some ideas that should really help.


Your Feedback РWhat Do You Think? 

So, before I go about Ergo, Haven and Ravencoin what do you think?  Even what are your thoughts on Ghost?  How about some of the other Crypto Coins that are doing the rounds?  Let us know in the comments below.

Also, any questions you have it would be great to hear from you, and if you would like to share with your friends and contacts on Social Media please go ahead.  This I would actually really appreciate.

Many Thanks;

from your friends

Alex and Jacob

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