Iridium, Equilibria, Zano amd SumoKoin – October 2021 Crypto Picks

Ahoy Pirates, Might Ye be wondering what is going on in the world of Crypto at the moment?  Recently ‘our heartie’ Jeff Berwick and his TCV team released their new Crypto pick for October 2021.  So Iridium, Equilibria, Zano and SumoKoin are the four I have picked out today.  If you are wondering why all will be revealed soon.  

This might just be the Ace up the sleeve you’ve all been hoping for.  Maybe it isn’t – one thing is for sure though for today’s post my October 2021 Crypto picks I will be looking to share this information as best as possible.

I will write a short summary of each coin and try and let you know what each is all about.  So let’s get started!

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Iridium, Equilibria, Zano and Sumokoin –
October 2021 Crypto Picks

Now, at the time of writing this blog, Jeff Berwicks New Crypto pick was last week at 1.00 PM ET.  I didn’t get my Bitcoin ready in time unfortunately and it was madness.  Totally I overreacted.  When I first clocked what I thought was the new coin (I am not a TCV subscriber – it’s $800 a year if you’re interested) it was $0.045 each.  When I bought it it was $0.124.

I could have got almost 3x as much if I had just deposited some BTC ready but typical me.  I also don’t know for certain still if this is definitely it.  From my understanding, the non-TCV onlookers such as myself think it is either ‘1 of 2’ different coins.  Both I will be looking at today.  

In fact, rewind to last week first of all I thought it was either Haven (XHV) or Equilibria (XEQ).  Haven I think is the one that got away for the TCV team as it has gone up nearly double since I wrote about it before.   It will be an interesting one to watch I think and probably is worth a gamble on.  

Anyway, the 3rd coin I noticed a bit later on was very quickly climbing up the 2nd page of Trade Ogre and this was (and I still believe) is the new TCV Crypto Pick…   

Edit:  It is not this xx  – Keep on reading to find out the new TCV Crypto pick…   

Before I do – What Is Iridium (IRD)

First Released:  October 2018iridium ird cryptocurrency
:  IRD
Price as of 10/18/2021
:  $ 0.076
Current Market Cap
:  $1,844,848.31
Circulating Supply:
   23,536,099 IRD

All-Time High (As of October 2021):  $0.2493

Where To Buy:  Trade Ogre, MapleChange, Altex and 

About Iridium (IRD):

IRD claims to be “The Most Advanced, Private, and Fair Cryptocurrency“.  When I actually first visited their website last week I was pretty taken in by these claims I must admit.  There is a big focus on default privacy settings here.  Transactions are untraceable and how much IRD you hold is apparently completely private.

This is achieved according to the official website by using CryptoNote Ring Signatures.  Quite interesting if you ask me but the way Iridium sets itself apart is it is very community-focused.  It uses a Proof-Of-Work (POW) algorithm and has a capped supply of 25,000,000 IRD.  It does not use an ICO, has no pre-mine and is built with stability in mind to help retain its value.

The name is also maybe significant.  Iridium is a very rare element and as for IRD, there are only 25 Million coins in circulation. This by comparison to other Cryptos means a much smaller amount of people will in the long run hold this Crypto – making this possibly rare to own in the future asset.

However, as I said many think XEQ (Equilibria) could have been the new pick so let’s look at this next.

The Secret Behind Equilibria

Released:  January 2019  equilibria oracle network crypto logo
:  XEQ
Price as of Date [10/18/2021]
:  $0.53
Current Market Cap:
Circulating Supply:
  55,161,055 XEQ
Max Supply:  84,000,000 XEQ

All-Time High:  $0.92
Where To Buy
:  Trade Ogre, HotBit

About Equilibria (XEQ)

Well, this is it.  From a low of $0.35 up to $0.93.  It seems to be a rising stock but what about it?  I said I didn’t think it was the TCV pick – (I had a good reason for this) here is why…

Watch this video xx

lol Jeff calls Equilibria a ‘Sh8t Coin’.  Honestly, if you bought it then you would be laughing now, but here is the problem.  In Jeffs latest video he says OMG NO MY BAD he basically says Equilibria is the new pick lol

Watch the video above (around the 4-minute mark)  and then check out his new video.  He says one of the Sh8t Coins from this previous video is the new TCV pick.  It is not Litecash or ‘Conceal’ so it can only be XEQ.

Actually, the jokes keep coming.  The website I looked at was for a Crypto called Equilibrium.  Not Equilibria.  That is one of the reasons why I thought it was Iridium (IRD) lol.   But I’ve seen the actual website now – It’s 100% Equilibria!

But What Is Equilibria?

The Equilibria Oracle Network privately delivers Smart Contracts through a scaleable agnostic Blockchain system.

It uses a hybrid POW/POS algorithm for both staking and mining.  In my view, the website throws the word fees around a bit too much for my liking but however Smart Contracts is big business.  

Ethereum, DERO and ARGO are others.  How Equilibria really differs from DERO I am not totally sure but nonetheless, it looks like it could definitely be worth buying whilst it is still relatively cheap. 

Now, there are also 2 other coins I want to look into today…

What About Zano – In Case You Don’t Know?

First Released:  January 2020zano cryptocurrency logo
:  Zano
Price as of
 [10/22/2021]:  $3.46
Current Market Cap
: $37,614,511
Circulating Supply:
  10,869,591.08 ZANO
Max Supply: ?
All-Time High
:  $8.28
All Time Low:  $0.1919

Where To Buy:  Trade Ogre, qTrade, STEX

About Zano: 

Another Crypto that has caught my eye recently.  Zano is a Crypto released in 2020 designed for use with eCommerce.  It is both scalable and secure.  Designed for blockchain P2P transactions.  The interesting thing about Zano is it uses a POW/POS algorithm much the same as Equilibria.

Privacy wise Zano has 2 main features uses Untraceable Transactions and a Hidden Wallet Balance.   Again like Equilibria, it uses Ring Signatures and Stealth Addresses.  

As usability goes for Zano it uses both Smart Contract and you can set up a WordPress purchase plugin.  With this, you can set up a payment protocol through your website and start accepting Zano as payment for your goods or services. 

Future updates are planned as well so this is definitely one to look out for.

Bonus:  What Is SumoKoin? 

Released:   April 2017sumokoin crypto logo
Price as of
 [10/21/2021]:  $0.13
Current Market Cap
:  $5,279,742
Circulating Supply:
  38,508,526.91 SUMO
Max Supply:   88,888,888  SUMO

All-Time High:  $10.00
All Time Low:  $0.01936

Where To Buy:   INDODAX, TradeOgre, QBTC, Livecoin, Bitalong, TXbit, Exrates, Biloxy, Citex, CoinEX,, Hotbit

About SumoKoin:

I wasn’t going to write about Sumo I was going to look at AYO but this has totally exploded in the past day.  180% increase in price and after doing my research I see this is another coin quite like Monero [R).  It’s been around for a few years now and the main thing is it is totally focused on Privacy.  

It uses RingCT technology to mask its transactions and is apparently 3rd Party Risk-Free.  The creator is a Cryptographer, Computer Programmer and Mathematician called Daniel Bernstein.  In my opinion, it looks interesting just for its emphasis on privacy but whether it could be the next Monero I’m not so sure.

However, if you are looking to buy as of now it is still very cheap.  It has gone up quite a lot but you can still buy 100 coins for just over $12.00.

My Observations:  

Which Of These Coins Should You Invest towards? 

PrivatePay, CloakCoin and PrCY my observations

Last Monday (October 11th 2021) I was convinced Iridium was going to be the next best coin to invest in.  As I’m sure was many others but now I think the likes of Iridium and SumoKoin look interesting for their focus on Privacy but I wonder why people would opt to use these rather than the likes of Monero.

To me, it seems that other than being totally Private and Decentralized they don’t seem to have any other uses.  I think they both look very interesting from a technological point of view but could they really leapfrog the competition?

On the other hand Equilibria and Zano look to be a lot more useful with their technology for Smart Contracts.  I also find it interesting about the similarities in their POS/POW technologies.  For me, those both look like they could have a very bright future.  Zano, I wonder what they are thinking over at Jeff Berwicks TDV headquarters (if they have one).

This is probably my own tip along with Haven (XHV).  They are not the cheapest coins but they definitely look very useful. 

In Conclusion – What Do You Think?

Iridium, Equilibria, Zano and SumoKoin – October 2021 Crypto Picks.  I hope you have found today’s tips helpful.  I’ve just invested in 2/4 of these.  I bought Iridium (IRD) but sold and bought some Equilibria when I realized (whilst writing this article actually that this is the new TCV / TDV Crypto Pick.  

Honestly, Jeff Berwick has his doubters but I bought DERO at $5.  It almost hit $30.00 recently.  Pirate Chain fair enough it is kind of off the reservation at the moment but when it was given as the TCV pick it was $0.005 (I think) and it went up to $16.00.  It’s back down now but for anyone that cashed in here I’m sure will the appeal.

Also, Berwick apparently recommended Bitcoin at $3.00, Ethereum and Chainlink.  

Many apparently did well from another tip which was Wownero.

But what do you think?  Let us know in the comments

Is there any other Cryptocurrencies catching your eye at the moment?  If there is it would be great to hear from you.

Look forward to seeing you all again ‘me hearties!’  

Best regards and to your Crypto Success

Alex B. Chivers & Jacob R. Chivers


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