private pay PRCY and Cloak Coin

PrivatePay, CloakCoin and PRCY – What About Them?

Hello Pirates,  I’ve been looking at the coin exchanges recently and see a few coins that have been catching my eye.  PrivatePay, CloakCoin and PRCY.  I’m yet to determine the potential of each coin yet but with these kinds of names, they are definitely interesting considering the potential of Privacy Coins in general.

The first two are definitely new to me and so is our bonus coin Masari but PRCY I have owned for a few months now.   It hasn’t exactly blown my socks off but I am still looking to invest in a bit more.  Even though until today I haven’t researched
It’s background but it first caught my eye around the time of Jeff Berwicks last TCV pick.

I’m pretty sure that was DERO.  I haven’t had official confirmation as I did not invest in a TCV subscription but anyway I invested in both DERO and PRCY at the same time.  Should have bought more DERO but no point dwelling on it.  The name PRCY I liked and that’s why I bought it. 

I mean I should not be so blindsided.  It’s like picking a racehorse to win just because of its name but hey that’s why I started this blog.  To give me an excuse to research  the likes of PrivatePay, CloakCoin and PRCY

So without further ado let’s continue.

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PrivatePay, CloakCoin and PRCY – Say What?

Are they are worth investing in or not? – I’m not sure but  Let’s find out.  I mean let’s not forget about my main picks right now which are Pirate Chain, Monero, Dero and Haven.  At some point soon I will be writing a post about those but, did I mention that these coins (PrivatePay, CloakCoin and PRCY) are super cheap right now?   

Especially PrivatePay which you can buy 1000 coins for $5 at the moment.  If these reach $1.00 that is 20x profit.     

CloakCoin is $1.06 at the moment so definitely possible right?  Maybe target $1.05 and cash out.  Although,  what’s $5 I’m pretty sure Pirate Chain was the same price once and we all know what happened there. 

Each to our own though I will be buying some no doubt but let’s continue…

So, Let’s Begin with PrivatePay

PrivacyPay Logo XPP CryptoCurrency 2021

PrivacyPay CloakCoin and PRCY - My latest Crypto Picks

Created:  September 2018.  Relaunched 2021
:  XPP
Price as of 08/22/2021
:  $ 0.005
Current Market Cap
:  $ 8,823
Circulating Supply:
   4,092,030 XPP

All-Time High:: TBD

Where To Buy:  Trade Ogre, 

About PrivatePay

The original PrivatePay coin project was a failure and was dumped by its developers.   This year it was relaunched by new owners.  In its original incarnation (I think) it used the Masari Cryptonight fast POW algorithm.  It could not be mined and was both ASIC and Nicehash resistant.  Its primary use I believe was for making payments through social media.  

As of now, the project appears to be going through a kind of revival.  The new owners picked up the coin because they really liked the name and are planning to use this as currency as a way for making purchases akin to fiat currencies.  A big emphasis seems to also be on their online Casino.

As a newly released coin, it currently has an 18.4 Million Max Supply.  It’s definitely in its infant stages but sounds very promising.  At its current low price, it could indeed be a very good time to get in.

The company have a new website and our planning to introduce a 2nd coin called PrivatePlay exclusively for use within their casino.  As far as these announcements it has also been revealed that yes this coin is now mineable and it is planning to switch its algorithm over to Monero.  

It’s a bit early to tell how well XPP 2.0 will fare but it could very well be a very good investment.   

The Secret Behind CloakCoin

cloakcoin cryptocurrency powered by enigma

PrivacyPay CloakCoin and PRCY - My latest Crypto Picks

Created:  2014
Price as of date 08/24/2021:  $1.05  
Current Market Cap:  $6,112,178.02
Circulating Supply:  5.5 Million 

All-Time High:  $35.99
Where To Buy:  Trade Ogre, DEX Trade, InstaSwap,, FreiExchange, BitFair, CoinVex, FeliXo and 12 more

About CloakCoin 

Pure POS [Proof of Stake] algorithm.  Lightning fast, untraceable, community-based and earn rewards 6% interest p.a. 60-second block time.  Uses ENIGMA technology which appears to be centred wholly around anonymity and privacy.

The website states there is limited circulation and its biggest gains appear to be from January 2015 to December 2017 when it rose by 8391%.  If you bought at $0.004289 its all-time high was $35.99.  So $4 would have made you $35,990.

What About PRCY – Is This The Key To Privacy?

PRCY Cryptocurrency logo

Created:  March 2021
Price as of
 08/24/2021:  $0.82
Current Market Cap
:  $6,815,750.93
Circulating Supply:
  8,479,255.00 PRCY

All-Time High:  $3.01

Where To Buy:  Trade Ogre, TxBit, HotBit, STEX

About PRCY: 

PRCY is a privacy-centric Blockchain CryptoCurrency that is both scalable and secure.  More importantly, it is built with the ultimate privacy features.  Its design is to be a fully anonymous payment system and staking coin.   The main things to note about PRCY are the following;  

It uses BulletProofs, Stealth Addresses and Transactions.  Built using the Haprocates Protocol and RingCT / Ring signatures.  You can earn by master nodes, staking and mining through the PoA [Proof Of Authority] framework.

So, far it’s early days for PRCY but technologically it is very exciting and it easily has the chance to smash past its previous all-time high from June 2021 of $3.02 because let’s remember as of August is not even 6 months old yet.

Bonus:  Masari – Monero Now Available in Green!

Masari CryptoCurrency Logo

Created:   September 2017
Price as of
 08/24/2021:  $0.05
Current Market Cap
:  $890,879 USD
Circulating Supply:
  15,599,005.00 MSR

All-Time High:  $2.06

Where To Buy:   TradeOgre, Crex24, SouthXChange, Stex and

About Masari:

Masari is a privacy-centric innovative CryptoCurrency inspired by Monero.  It’s designed for fungibility and scalability and it is built using POW [Proof of Work] technology.  Features include P2P transactions, open-source technology and a fully decentralized framework.  Privacy features include CryptoNote and RingCT protocols.

Future updates in the pipeline that may increase Masaris value include EasySwap service, BlockTree Implementation and Simple Private Tokens.  The Masari network also aims to be the most scaleable Privacy-Centric Crypto network so far.

My Observations:  

Which Of These Coins Should You Invest towards? 

PrivatePay, CloakCoin and PrCY my observations

My favourite on this list is definitelyCloakCoin.  I like how it is branded and its ENIGMA technology seems very exciting.  

It seems like it could definitely have a bright future.  Not forgetting that its coin holders can earn 6% interest p.a.  I mean I don’t know how this all works but what I do is this.  If it goes back up to its all-time high of $35 that is 35x profit.  

Plus interest.  $100 could make you $3.5k.  I mean it hasn’t got this high since December 2017 but who knows I would expect there to be a boom for all Privacy-Centric coins sooner or later so yes it very well could. 

Although actually PRCY I think we can expect exciting times ahead for too.  I could see this following Pirate Chain going up and up because the technology is very impressive.  So at $0.80 a coin, it might just be a very good time to buy.  

Quite like PrivatePay which is dirt cheap right now.  It’s too early to tell what kind of potential it has (I think).  We likely won’t see it for another 3-6 months but why not get it whilst it is cheap.  Maybe grab 1000 coins on TradeOgre just in case.    

Also, Masari I really don’t know.  It’s one of many Monero rip-offs.  It has its differences but isn’t exactly known for its crazy success.  I’ve just bought 500 myself but how this investment really pans out we will see.  

But still, if it does go back to its ATH of $2.00 from $0.05 that is still an opportunity to 40 x your original investment. 

In Conclusion – What Do You Think?

PrivatePay, CloakCoin and PRCY – What About Them?   Plus my bonus coin Masari.  I hope you have found today’s tips helpful.  I’ve just invested into 3/4 of these.  Only CloakCoin I didn’t buy but only because I couldn’t afford to.  If you can it’s well worth it – I reckon.  I didn’t know it was so old.  It was released around the same time as Monero lol

I mean obviously, it has been nowhere near as successful but if you actually like to own whole coins like me this is still something to look at 100%.   Although I would still say Monero might be the better investment.

But what do you think?  Let us know in the comments

Also, is there any other Cryptocurrencies catching your eye at the moment?  If there is it would be great to hear from you.

Your feedback is always most welcome. Any time!

Look forward to seeing you all again me, hearties!  

Best regards and to your Crypto Success 🥂

Alex B. Chivers & Jacob R. Chivers


private pay PRCY and Cloak Coin

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