how to become a crypto millionaire

How To Be a Crypto Millionaire? – Follow These Instructions!

Guys, I have some big news GUESS WHO HAS JUST MADE HIS 1ST 1 Million from Crypto…  How To Be a Crypto Millionaire? (Sort of I think).  It kind of feels a bit odd not going to lie but 1 Million is 1 Million right?

You must be wondering how has this happened?  What Crypto did I buy?  Can I help you do the same?   How am I going to spend my newly found fortune?  So many questions…

Well, you are probably going to laugh your head off at this.  I didn’t actually buy anything.  A random stranger who I have barely spoken to on Facebook today sent me a link, I signed up and now I have 1 Million worth of Crypto.

True story but this must either be bullshit or a scam right?  

I am still wondering myself but check this OUT.

how to be a crypto millionaire

It is called LOVE COIN and OK do you see what I did?  I said 1 Million from Crypto.  Does THIS even count lol

STILL, what is the definition of a millionaire?  Somebody that has a million of one thing.   SURELY

I have 1 Million LOVE Coin – So I am a Millionaire YOU CAN’t call me a Liar 🤣

It is nowhere near worth an actual 1 Million USD for example or even 1 Million CNY (Chinese Yen) 

…but still, I kind of think I’ve hit the jackpot.   More on this soon…  

This might sound like BS I know but please keep reading I think I might just be on to something here.


How To Be a Crypto Millionaire? (Sort of I think)

Look I am going to tell you how I ended up with 1 Million LOVE COIN for free.  Perhaps you might be able to do the same (I don’t know).   You can definitely get free LOVE COIN by signing up with (MY LINK HERE).  It was 1 Million last time I signed up, and here is the shocker.  It might not be worth 1M USD but actually, check this out…

how much is love coin worth


Alright for free isn’t it? {Get YOURS HERE]


if it seems to good to be true it usually is

I actually don’t dispute this and I will find out soon enough (that’s for sure) but all I have done is give my email address.  Received an email from, confirmed my account and got paid.  It took me like 5 minutes.

5 minutes to receive basically a $500 asset  – I think the worst-case scenario I won’t be able to cash out.

But I got it for nothing if it turns out to be worth nothing I guess I’m back to square one…


Best Case Scenario 1 + 2

best case scenario crypto millionaire

Now, so far (I don’t think) I’ve found any exchanges to cash my Love Coin out.  Although, there is a glimmer of hope. I’ve searched online and found a pretty cool thread about this coin on Reddit.  

There is a couple of quite exciting ideas on this thread.  For one someone has shared a google doc with a whole list of different airdrops.  I will see to that later but more importantly, 2 possible exchanges (apparently) are xumm and  I’ve never heard of either but according to this Redditor, they are great for cashing in airdrop cryptos.

I hope they are right.  Really I do, and my stance on it all is this… 

These airdrops, I think many of them are pretty pointless.  The coins you get have absolutely no future but there is ONE very good example that makes me think otherwise…  PIRATE CHAIN (ARRR).

Back in 2018 WAY before Jeff Berwick recommended ARRR @ 0.005 a coin (I think it was) they were giving it away free.  I will need to update this article with a screenshot or something but if my memory serves me correct the drop was 10K ARRR for each claimant.  Think about that 10’000 x $15 USD = $150’000.  

I’m sure this isn’t the only example either.  Have you ever heard about the first-ever Coin Faucet?the first ever bitcoin faucet was developed by gavin andresen in 2010.  it paid out 5 BTC per person.

5 BTC per person.  An easy $250K in today’s money.  You can’t make this stuff up!

So, yes some things really are too good to be true and they probably are, but only probably!  

This doesn’t mean it is impossible.

Who knows?  Honestly, if I have my way I will cash in my Love Coin for $400 or $500 worth of USDC or USDT.  Preferably the latter and buy some Monero with it.  That would be great I hardly have any Monero at the moment.  Just using a coin faucet at the moment and hoping it goes up.  My target is $10K a coin – that would be awesome.

I like to think these opportunities are out there.  Even if Lovecoin turns out to be a dud I will actually take it.

It is free.  I will take any Crypto for free.   Why Not?  Who doesn’t love free stuff?  

If only 1 out of 100 coins turns out to be truly valuable it will be all worth it.

That is why I love airdrops and earning free Crypto.  The potential is huge but let’s not limit this post to just about airdrops.

Other Ways How To Be A Crypto Millionaire

Right well, I still have plenty to learn here.  I can tell you this though ultimately it is about keeping the right Crypto till the right moment.  In my recent post “How to get Rich with Crypto” I shared my thoughts on buying, selling and buying again when the prices drop.  You can try this just figure out how high you want your coin to go and cash out for stable coins.

This I am sure is what most of the big dogs do.  It is gambling though in sense.  It’s called Staking.

If you’d like to get some practice check out Stormgain that is where I’m honing my skills at the moment.

Otherwise, you can pick the right coins and just save up.  Try and accumulate what you can.

Mining is a good idea if you want to invest in a rig, or even cloud mining if you can do it right.  

NFTS, coin faucets, surveys.  If you are good at hustling each $10, $20 worth you make put it into Stormgain.

Hustle your way up.  I’ve said airdrops.  You can either keep your coins and hope they become popular, or exchange them for more popular coins like BTC, ETH, XRP (Ripple), XRM (Monero), so many good ones although my personal choice is Privacy Coins – ARRR, PRCY, Haven, CloakCoin, Wownero etc.  I could be wrong though but this is the way to go I think.

Bet on the right horses and you’ll be a winner…

and if you would like to technically be a Crypto Millionaire like me (Get Your 1 Million Free Love Coin Here

YOUR FEEDBACK – Share Your Thoughts

Quite a short post today but thought I would share the good news with you.  If all goes well hopefully this won’t be the only way I ever become a millionaire.  I also hope they post the title how to be a crypto millionaire hasn’t been too misleading for you.  

Mostly, I like to think there is some valuable information in here.  If you have any ideas of your own please let us know in the comments below.  Along with this have you heard of LOVE COIN?  What are your thoughts?  Will be great to hear from you about that as well.   I think it could be an amazing opportunity but maybe it isn’t.

I shall leave it here anyway.  Please like and share.

Ahoy me hearties.  Till next time…

Alex B. Chivers and Jacob B. Chivers


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