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What Is Free Helium Mining? – Is This Too Good To Be True?

Recently, I was looking on eBay for GPU miners.  I come across one option for £0.99 where you just pay for shipping and you get a cool little device that plugs into your USB slot and starts mining free Crypto for you.  Very tempting, but what is Free Helium Mining?  Surely, what is the catch, right?  If something is too good to be true then it usually is.

In my view, there is definitely some kind of motive here.  To get as many people involved in this operation as possible.  They are literally giving these things away for free.  If you go to eBay and type in Helium miner you will see what I mean.  It’s basically a license to print free money but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

These are not some crappy little devices made in China that don’t even work.  These actually work.  You just need to find a website such as Emrit.io and apply to join the network.  As easy as that and many people are pushing this but why is this?

Of course, it can make you considerable profits but why aren’t they selling these miners for more?

Is there an agenda?  Like I think of a Doctor Who episode where all these people across the world were getting these free devices fitted in their cars to reduce Co2.  Then when everyone got them it turned out they were devices made by an alien race to terraform the atmosphere, so they could invade the planet.

That is what I think of.  Obviously not saying Aliens are behind the Helium Cryptocurrency but if these free miners are the carrot what is the stick?  This will be the topic of today’s post and this is very important.

What Is Free Helium Mining?

– Is This Too Good To Be True?

Free Helium Mining is where you apply to join the Helium network and they send you a USB miner to plug into your USB port or your Desktop or Laptop to start mining the Helium Cryptocurrency.

This is done not just for mining this cool new CryptoCurrency but also to set up a hotspot for the 5G network.

And there you have it.  I think this is probably why they are giving these miners away for free.  To get people all around the world to set up home-based hubs to advance the 5G network.  People are kicking off about all the towers going up.  Even setting these things on fire so what better way to get people on board with a financial incentive…

With a free way to accumulate CryptoCurrency.  Because let’s face it.  It is not the easiest task to do and how great does this sound?  Even if it is potentially to the whole detriment of the human race.  What is a little blood on our hands right?

As, what is the alternative?   Having to pay $$$ to set up your own mining rig, or invest in a legitimate mining pool.

It is no surprise really why people would be interested in this but is it ethical?  That is what I wonder.

Now, let’s take a look…

Introducing the Helium HNT Network

helium logo - What Is Free Helium Mining

There is something very interesting about this all.  Helium is a ‘first of its kind’ CryptoCurrency paid to transmitters of its radio frequency network.  It was created with the equity funding of several venture capital (VC) firms and it uses a POC (Proof-Of-Coverage) Algorithm to pay its miners.  So basically once you have your hub set up and connected to other Helium Hubs you will start earning mined funds.  You can earn from HNT either HNT coins or Data credits.

It is a very attractive idea but here are some things you must understand.

How Much Can You Earn From A Free HNT Miner

Circling back to my questions – “What Is Free Helium Mining?” – “Is This Too Good To Be True?”  Here is the catch first of all.  When you get your Free Helium Miner you are essentially Mining at home as part of a much larger operation.  Companies giving away these free miners are taking an 80% cut.  For all your efforts you only get 20% – which sucks I know.

Not only is this sinister as hell but you only get 20% of coins that you spend time mining.  Unless and this is what really makes me smell a rat you recruit others.  When you do you can make 25% of their Crypto that they mine on top of your 20%.

You also get the option to buy your miner as well which increases your percentage even higher.

I would not blame anyone for being interested in this opportunity.  It is the chance to make a lot of money but…

Here Is What I Don’t Like

The 5G Connection

For now, Helium is using its own Wireless IoT (Internet of Things) Network but on April 14th of this year, users voted to approve Helium 5G a second network more powerful than the first and a first of its consumer-owned 5G network.

Call me a kook I know but nothing about the development of 5G sits right with me.  People want better internet speed and connectivity but at what cost to the natural world.  5G is unlike anything that has come before it.  Some of these conspiracy theories couldn’t be closer to the truth (I think) because they are already true.

Many people know this and there have been delays to the global implementation of 5G as a result.

Switzerland last year put a halt to their 5G rollout due to health concerns.  I know I may sound crazy but look at this…

5G Protests

Lot’s of people are against 5G.  I know this is my own conspiracy theory but…

is the Helium Network an incentivized approach to developing the 5G Network?

I am expecting some wild reactions here but let’s look at the facts.  Whether 5G is safe or not the new Helium 5G Network is designed to create 5G transmitters in many peoples homes across the world.

Even on the Helium blog, author Amir Haleem shares the following statement that

“Building a 5G network is extremely hard. Telecom, in general, is hard. In a lot of ways, it shares many similarities to building an IoT network”.

I mean come on the current Helium Network is an IoT network and this second network is a 5G network that has many similarities.

Call me a kook but could this have been the plan ever since Heliums original creation back in 2013?

Their investors I think would be worth investigating I would say.  These include;

Khosla Ventures, FirstMark, GI, Hartford Steam Boiler, DG, SVangel, Marc Benioff, MunichRE, USV, MultiCoin Capital.

I will let you do your own research about this.  However, here is another interesting conspiracy?

Are Helium Miners Used To Steal Your Data?

This here was kind of my inspiration for writing this post.  When I see this posted by a friend on Facebook.

Warning about helium miners are they safe?

It said;

“Warning About Free Helium Miners.  These attach to your home network and capture all websites, passwords and credit cards typed”.

 This initially made me think ‘these are why they are free’ but then I didn’t know about the 80/20% deal or about its link to the 5G network.  Apparently, it is very safe and there is more chance of being hacked through your WiFi.  It is obviously possible I guess but so is hacking the Ministry of Defence or the Pentagon.   It has been done before I believe.  Not easy but these things can happen.

Also, it is not like people don’t already put their personal security at risk every day with Smartphones and Tablets.

I think the above status I shared from Facebook is a bit extreme but we do live in a surveillance state so it could be true.

There is a lot of suspect things about Helium that you should be aware of but I think this should be the least of them to worry about.

The main one I think is this…

Helium Scam Warning!  

Read Before You Buy Helium Miners Online

{Warning:  Only purchase Helium Miners via the official websites of manufacturers!}

Many non authorized sellers will sell miners still connected to their original wallets and use this to steal your hotspot and as a result your HNT.  Some have spent $500-$1000 on eBay only to find that they can not use their helium wallets to withdraw their profits.

Many scammers are doing this.  Also, any Helium Miners you see which say they are free – beware of these as well.

This is because you are getting the device but the Crypto you mine is going to someone else’s wallet.

You can not change this only the original owner can.  All you can change I think is the hotspot.

Although to be fair this isn’t a complete scam of course you will get paid as this is how this system works.

But just be aware that the percentage you get compared to the actual owner of the Helium Miner is only small compared.  20% (I Think)

It’s kind of like what the bible says;  Proverbs 29:4-5 – 

  1. The king by judgment establishes the land: but he that receives gifts overthrows it.

  2. A man that flatters his neighbour spreads a net for his feet.

I am not a religious person but beware of those that come bearing gifts.  The Trojan Horse springs to mind.

In Conclusion –

What Is Free Helium Mining?

Is this too good to be true?  I mean This could be potentially very big.  As of now, many are signed up to the ‘FreedomFi’ waiting list.   Helium recently sold a percentage of its stocks to fund its 5G plans.  Something is definitely underway.

I know I have my problems with 5G but there is no denying that this has the potential to make a lot of money.
Depending on how you look at it.   I still think it’s very sinister but I see why people are interested.

In fact, I found this video below to be very interesting this video below;

Now, I don’t recommend Helium Mining but only because I don’t like this technology.  I kind of worry about the Bee’s I’m not going to lie.  Many believe that rouge RF signals such as 3G, and 4G have killed a lot of them because they themselves use RF to communicate with each other.  It deeply bothers me what we and our technology will do to the natural world that surrounds us.

Not exactly directly related to the Helium network as of now but it could be.  So none of this sits right with me.

However, I know people will want to capitalize on this opportunity so make sure to only buy your HNT miners from the official websites.

If you do buy from eBay make sure there is a return policy and quickly try to establish if you can set your own wallet and hotspot up.  If you can’t get your money back ASAP.

Also for the free miners find out what the actual deal is before you have it posted.  As this could become very disappointing quite quickly.


– Share Your Experience?

Have you tried Helium Mining?  What do you think of it?  Is it safe?  Am I crazy for my thoughts on 5G and its link to Helium?  How about these free or very cheap Miners – have you used one, and are they worth the trouble?

Please let me know about your experience along with any questions you have in the comments section.

Also, if you know anyone that might be interested in today’s post please share with them.  In fact, if you think this content is worthy of a share please share this with your friends and contacts on Social Media.

Many thanks and All the Best;

Alex B. Chivers & Jacob R. Chivers
Privacy Pirate.XYZ

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