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How To Get Free Cryptocurrency in 2021 with PrivacyPirate.XYZ

Greetings.  Welcome back to Privacy Pirate.XYZ  In my last post I shared my top 3 Privacy Coins.  WOW, ARRR and XMR and I will no doubt look at some others soon but for today’s post How To Get Free Cryptocurrency in 2021…

Now I don’t just mean Privacy Coins here I am on about all Cryptocurrencies.  They may not be ones that I actually recommend but please bear in mind all of these you can exchange for different Crypto assets.

I will keep updating this page as well with new ideas as I come across them.  This will be one of the main pages on this website so I will be developing this more and more as I go along.

But as for now cards on the table I’ve not tried all of these ideas just yet to make this clear I think these are all worthy ideas in their own respect.

So, How To Get Free Cryptocurrency in 2021

Right so.    This first way you can find websites all over the place that offer this service.

Coin Faucets

Let’s start off with Coin Faucets.  These are websites that let you earn Crypto by completing different tasks such as surveys, watching videos, playing games, downloading apps, and free spins.  If you have the time and dedication these amounts can soon start to build up, and pretty much every Crypto you can earn from with this method.

Just be very careful with some of these sites (virus-wise) they might be a little bit dodgy.  I have personally been OK but I just want to point this out as I did read this somewhere else.  Just be careful and the other thing is these amounts may seem insignificant but don’t let this put you off.  Just find what works for you.

I believe that once you reach the threshold you can get websites where you can deposit your crypto to build interest.  I will try and share some information about this in a future post.  I believe it is called Crypto Farming.

But until then here are some websites that I think can help.

1.)  Free

FreeBitco.In Win $200 in Bitcoins Every Hour

I have used this website personally for maybe a year or so now.  I haven’t made much here really (not going to lie) but is definitely worth a join (I would say). From my own experience, there are 2 different ways as a free member that you can regularly earn Free Satoshi.

1# – From the Free Spins and Gambling High or Low and
2# – With the Wheel of Fortune Game which you can spin via a link inside the emails.

Aside from this you also have Reward Points and a Bitcoin Lottery.  Free tickets are awarded for each free spin and you also have Gambling Slots and Sports Betting.

I have mostly gambled away my Satoshi I have made from this website but maybe your luck might be better than mine.

If you are interested…

Join Here:  100 Free Satoshi For All New Members and the Chance To Win $200 Every Hour!

2.)  FreeBitCoin.IO

FreeBitcoin.Io Win $300 in Free Bitcoin

This I have found a bit more substantial but not really for the hourly free BTC spins.  Mostly, because with this website they have surveys.  They are a bit of a nightmare I will say.  Getting approved for the actual Surveys is very daunting but once you are in you can earn sometimes $1 or $2 USD worth of BTC every time.

It is a bit time-consuming, but if you are patient enough this is a much faster way to generate Crypto than the free spins.




I like this one as you can spin for free Monero and Pirate Chain!!!.  You don’t get a lot but if you are very persistent I think it is worth doing.  You also have another 300+ different Cryptos you can spin for as well.  Just be aware that this website is dreadful for pop-ups etc. and you can only spin once every hour.

However, as this faucet is a way to earn 2 of my main Crypto picks I would definitely say join:


4.)  Free

Only just found out about this one but one thing I like is this has a faucet for both Monero and Wownero.  It’s a bit complicated I think but so far as this is the only faucet I’ve seen for Wownero.  For that reason, it is 100% worth joining for although if it wasn’t for this I wouldn’t really know what to think;

>>> Anyway for free XMR & WOW Sign Up HERE<<< 

5.)  Cointiply

Earn Free Bitcoin

This is apparently supposed to be the highest-paying Cryptofaucet online.  You can earn in quite a few different ways with this one.  You firstly have a spin every hour like the regular coin faucet but you also get PTC ads, surveys, tasks, and games where you can all earn Crypto from.  I’m still yet to use this one fully but think it is worth a join at least.

>>  Sign Up HERE<<< 

Coin Specific Crypto Faucets

So these ones below are (I’m pretty sure) all related to FreeBitcoin.IO.  They are not too much different in the terms of the framework at all.  The only difference is that each site is specific to a different CryptoCurrency;

You can spin every hour and you can also partake in surveys to earn Crypto with this method also.

i.)Free XEM |

Free XEM |

ii.)  Free DOGECOIN

Free DOGE faucet | Free DOGE Digital Currency |

iii.)  Free Ethereum

Free ETH faucet | Free ETH Digital Currency |

iv.)  Free Tether (USDT)

Free Tether faucet | Free Tether Digital Currency |

v.)  Free USDCoin (USDC)

Free Tether faucet | Free Tether Digital Currency |

vi.)  Free BNB (BinanceCoin)

Free BNB faucet | Free BNB Digital Currency |

vii.)  Free TRON (TRX)

Free TRX faucet | Free TRX Digital Currency |

viii.)  Free DASH

Free DASH faucet | Free DASH Digital Currency |

ix.)  Free CHAINLINK

Free LINK faucet | Free LINK Digital Currency |

x.)  Free Neo

Free NEO faucet | Free NEO Digital Currency |

xi)  Free Litecoin (LTC)

Free LTC faucet | Free LTC Digital Currency |

Earn Free Crypto With CoinBase

As a member of CoinBase, they regularly introduce offers to earn free Crypto.  Recently, I was able to earn the equivalent of $20 USD from completing only 5 short quizzes.  For which my account was credited with 5 different Crypto Currencies;

  • Stellar Lumens (XRM)
  • The Graph (GRT)
  • AMP (AMP)
  • Compound (COMP)
  • Polygon (MATIC)

You can also earn $10 worth of Bitcoin for creating a new account.  T’s & C’s Apply.

Join Coinbase today for $10 woth of Bitcoin free

Just make sure that you use my referral link, or this will not work.  This amount will become active as soon as the threshold of $100 USD equivalent to BTC is bought or sold.

StormGain Cryptominer

StormGain is an All-In-One Crypto Trading Exchange based in the UK.  It has been about since 2019 and is the sponsor of Newcastle Utd. Football Club.  Since this year they have also added a new feature the USDT (Tether) Miner.

This tool allows you to mine for BTC and earns Tether Stable Coin for 4 hour periods at a time with no CPU drainage or any of the expensive costs usually associated with mining.

I am still yet to see any decent income from using this but one thing is for sure it is as easy as just clicking a button.

>>> Start Mining Today <<<

Look out for my post about Stormgain soon where I will share my results

Or this might be a more interesting idea to try…


Upload Videos To  LBRY / ODYSEE / HIVE

upload to lbry and odysee for free crypto

Here is an interesting idea if you make videos upload them to LBRY, its sister channel ODYSEE and HIVE Blockchain to be rewarded with each channel’s own CryptoCurrency.  All 3 Cryptos can be exchanged for other Crypto and the best part is if your audience really likes your work they can also make a donation.

This can be of any amount as well so if you have a talent for creating videos whether by getting behind the camera or just by putting clips together etc. this can be very profitable.


Install The Brave Browser

Instead of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Microsoft Edge why not try out BRAVE.   The Brave browser is a special type of browser designed for Privacy and blocking ads.  You can earn Crypto from Brave in the form of BAT which can be traded for other Crypto on Binance.  Just be aware that to earn BAT you must allow Brave to show its own ads.


For me, this is an important one I think.  Airdrops are basically free Crypto giveaways.  So far I don’t really understand this fully.  So far I have only managed to claim 1 airdrop myself for 100 MPH tokens from

Other than this I’m still in the dark about any other offers that don’t actually require some kind of prior investment and that aren’t for a stake in a competition.

This section I will probably look to update when I have more information but from what I’ve read so far it is recommended to download and to visit AirDrops.Io

If you have any recommendations for good opportunities involving airdrops please drop us a comment below.

Referral Marketing

OK, so finally referral marketing is where you use your link to sign up someone else to a website for a reward.  This doesn’t happen with just Crypto many websites include a referral or affiliate program.  If you are able to convince someone to sign up for a website as your referral then usually most decent platforms will give you some kind of bonus.

For example, within this post, Coinbase offers $10 USD worth of Bitcoin to every new member that signs up through a referral link.  Not only this but another $10 worth of BTC is awarded to the account holder to who the referral link belongs.  So in essence, if you successfully manage to get somebody to join Coinbase and invest $100 you get $10 worth of BTC and they also get $10 worth of BTC back.

Another example is the StormGain Crypto Miner.  I’m still on the fence about whether this is worth my time using but here is something interesting.  If you refer somebody to StormGain with the Crypto Miner referral link you get 15% of all withdrawals.  So if your referral withdraws 10 USDT you receive 1.5 USDT every time.

Plus they also get 3 USDT for registration.  This is actually how it is for most offers as well.  Most people signing up for accounts with referral links usually have a pretty good incentive for doing so.

Final Notes

Well, I realize that this is not some ‘too good to be true‘ way of making decent money right off the bat.  Coinbase I think is the only one that you can join right there and then.  To get $10-$10 worth of Crypto by completing their offers in their ‘how to earn’ section.  I’m sure there are other offers like this too and I will update this post/page in the future.

Just at first, my advice is to just keep building towards making your first withdrawals.  It will be very tedious but keep building and investing.  Privacy Coins are definitely my pick and I will discuss this more in my future posts.  Just buy what you can and also try to grow your Crypto in funds.  I mentioned Crypto Farms above I think they may be one idea.

For now, this is something I am going to need to research more.  Although hopefully, I will follow this up soon.

Best Wishes (To Your Success! 🥂)

Alex C
PrivacyPirate.XYZ 🏴‍☠️🦜

PS:  If there is anything you would like to ask me please drop me a comment below in the comments section ⏬


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